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Dear kids today again I have a beautiful Hadith and a story for you. Our today’s Hadith.

Dear kids after reading the topic of the Hadith you get to know that we should not eat with our left hand.

What are the harmful effects of it and why we should not eat with the left hand let’s hear a story?

The story is about a boy whose name is Ali.

Ali was a good and well-mannered child, he always behaved well and respect others, he played and studied also on time, everyone praised him, but dear kids after some time Ali’s habits began to change.

Now it happened that Ali focused more to play games, he always started to play with the things especially while eating the food. He always had something in hand to play. 

Dear kids whenever Ali had to at something, he took the mobile phone for a game or a toy to play with while eating or sometimes took the little cars to play.

He started to eat with the left hand so that he can play with the right hand.

Dear kids do you know that a devil eats with those who eat with the left hand, and if the left hand is used for eating the blessing of food is gone in devil’s tummy.

One day Ali’s mother advised him that my dear kid,

Eating with the left hand is a bad habit, but Ali forgot to avoid it, now he becomes habitual to eat like this. 

Now, whenever he eats with the left hand a devil took his blessing of food, and it goes into devil’s tummy.

Every time Ali ate the food with the left hand and could not be satisfied, and still feels hunger, he becomes weak day by day. He started to eat again and again but the food was not enough for him, because he forgot the manners of eating.

He did not wash the hands.

Did not say bismillah…………..

Never eats with the right hand 

Always play while eating

Devil was so happy because every bad habit of Ali was his favourite, the devil was becoming fat because every time he got the energy of Ali’s food.

Ali could not play more like before because he got hunger soon while playing and returned to the home.

So only he saw the kids to play outside from the window.

Dear kids his parents were worried about him but Ali did not listen to them and got angry every time.

He was out of control now, often he ate the food of his brother and sister as well, even then he could not be satisfied, his story of hunger spread everywhere, his relatives and family members could not make him satisfied by giving him food.

At last, somebody told his parents that the solution is to ask from Allah’s devoted man. who could cure him mentally.

Ali’s parent took him to a wise Noble and Allah’s devoted servant. He heard his problem and said

Don’t worry, Ali has no problem, In Sha, Allah Ali will be alright in a few days.

The man asked Ali to stay with him and arranged food for him. When Ali started to eat the man said Ali you have to obey some terms before eating the food. Ali was so hungry for a long time so he asked me to tell me what terms I have to obey I can’t wait for it anymore.

The devoted man asked Ali to wash hands first, Ali washed hands quickly,

Then he said now recite bismillah………………

Ali recited bismillah……………..and then start to eat but 

Remember you have to eat with the right hand 

No matter how much time you take to eat it.

Ali recited bismillah……..and then started to eat with the right hand, he felt it difficult to eat with the right hand and was not comfortable, because he forgot this habit, as it was a strict term Somali continued to eat step by step with the right hand.

Dear kids this time the devil could not get a share of his food, the devil waited for the Ali to at with the left hand so that it could be shared by the devil.

But the devoted man was sitting with the Ali, Somali did not eat with the left hand and finished his meal and also got the satisfaction that his tummy is full now. the devil slept hungrily.

Dear kids the devoted man whenever gave food to Ali,

He ate it with the right hand.

Due to the devoted man’s wisdom, the devil runs away.

Ali started to eat food according to his hunger and on time.

 Ali’s parents were thankful to the devoted man.

 Ali also promised himself that he will never change his habit of eating with the right hand.

Dear kids you see how Ali trapped by devil due to his bad eating habit, so dear kids always remember the manners of eating, like 

Wash hands

Recite bismilah…….

Eat with the right hand 

Don’t talk while eating the only talk about good things 

Sit properly 

Dear kids I hope you will follow it, now you have to remember this Hadith and spread this information to others also.

Stay blessed 


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