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Goodword Salat Knowledge Game

The Salat Knowledge Game is suitable for 2 to 4 players aged three and above. In this game of slides and ladders, you spin the wheel and race to the finish before your friend reaches there. Along the way you learn the meaning and message of Salat, that is, the five daily prayers.  If you miss a prayer, you go down the slippery slide, but if you offer it on time and with care, you climb up the ladder. And that is not all. There are chances to win a Salat Card too. Answer the question given on the card correctly and increase your knowledge about the five daily prayers. In this way, you don’t just try to run for the finish line, but learn all about Salat as well. Isn’t this a fun way to play and learn?
Box Contains:
1 Game Board
50 Question Cards
4 Playing Pieces
1 Instruction Booklet
1 Copy of “How to Pray Salat”
1 Playing Wheel

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