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What are the 5 Pillars of Islam: Islamic Books for Kids

A fun way for your children’s to learn about Islam!
This is the story of Ameenah and her Grandma, Ameenah’s Grandma pays her a surprise visit and they had so much to catch up, while Ameenah joined her grandma for prayer she couldn’t avoid but to ask her Grandma why do we pray, from there Grandma told her all about the 5 pillars of Islam, This book will engage kids in learning the 5 pillars of Islam, benefits and the beauty behind each pillar.

what makes this book more unique?
This is a detailed storybook with engaging Islamic pictures.
by the end of the book, your child will learn the true meaning of Islam and the beauty behind it.
recap activity by the end of the book to see how far your kid understood about the 5 pillars.

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