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Surah Al Fatiha.This is how I will devide this surah in 4 sections and explain it to my students.

First part verse no 1 to 3 is full of praise of Allah. So We will explain the meaning of asma-ul-hasna mentioned in this part. Total 5 Asma_ul_husa are described in this surah including real name *Allah*.

So after hamad o sana, of the lord, next section, Verse no 4 Is about believe of getting reward of every action. Its one of the pillers of Muslim faith, faith on day of judgment. It urges believer to obey his lord.

Verse 5 Is registration of accepting Islam With the heart contentment. We are born Muslims. Inspite of this we don’t know much about our lord, the creatror. But after knowing our lord very well we accepted His teachings and gave witnessing that will obey Allah.

Verse 6 and 7 are Prayers. To be good Muslim, to earn Jannat, to walk on straight path we need Allah’s help. Because shytan is here to mislead us. So we learn to pray.

Surah Al-Fatiha Verse 1

First lesson About Tasmia.

Bismillah Means,

In the name of Allah Most kind and merciful.. Sarting Quran with Bismillah is also recommended and it is also Brakah.It is also a Prayer, We should start our every good deed with Bismillah. Why?

To make it easy for kids to understand, I tell them, Bismillah is a permission of Allah for using blessings and creations of Allah. We should say Bismillah who granted us food, as he is Rehman and Raheem.

Bismillah before sleeping, as He provided us night and peace to sleep in the night on so comfortable beds. Same like before reading, playing, going outside and every good deed we should say Bismillah. So here are some worksheets I got from internet. We are also doing Calligraphy of Bismillah.

Explanation of Ar-Rahmaan and AR-Raheem is in next Verse. So with the explanation of Bismillah, we red a Story of Building of Kabah. When both prophets prayed while building.

Their prayer was fulfilled and Allah granted them all the Barakah and blessings. We should also start our all good works with the name of Allah and with prayers. so that May Allah accept our good deeds and increase Barakah. See the story of The Queen Saba in the pictures .

بسم اللہ اصل میں اللہ کی چیزوں کے استعمال سے پہلے مالک حقیقی کی اجازت اور اللہ کی مدد طلب کرنا ہے۔ عملی کام۔۔۔۔۔۔ بسم اللہ کیلی گرافی، جن کاموں سے پہلے بسم اللہ پڑھیں ہے اس کی ایکٹیوٹیز وغیرہ۔

Surah Al-Fatiha Verse no 2

Praise belongs to Allah, The lord of the worlds.

Allhamdolilah is a very important Kalima for Muslims. . Alhamdolilah means Praise of Allah, and being grateful Of Rub. In this the Part, There is real name of Allah SWT. So we work on it. See Asma-ul-husna section.

And to be Gratefully of Allah and Love our Lord we need to know who is lord? And what is the power of our Lord. So we worked on Allah’s attribution ‘RUB.’ See the detail In Asma-ul-husna Section. So what is Hamad and how/when to do Praise of Allah? So making it easy for children I told them,

Bismillah is asking for permission of Allah and Allah’s Help. When we done we should be grateful and thank to Allah as like we do say Thank you to others. see detail in worksheet, So an activity on when we will say Alhamdolilah was done. as hamad is also praise so, when we do Pray to Allah we praise him to admit his power .

So Story of Firwoon was done for kids. See the lesson of that story in The picture.

1۔ الحمد سے کیا مراد ہے ۔ کب اور کیوں الحمدوللہ کہنا ضروری ہے۔

Surah Al-Fatiha Verse no 3

Asma-ul-Husna Ar-Rahamaan and Ar-Rahim. These are very Important Attributions of Allah. So we did a chapter about these names.. Allah blessings are permanent and some are overflowing. But if we would be ungrateful of Allah, He may turn our blessing into a punishment. Detail Of these names would we in Asma-ul-Husan section.

We are had story of Qaroon (The treasure house)This story reveals that Allah is not cruel He is most kind and Merciful But he do not like disobedient and cruel people. Activates for These 1.chapter 2.Exercise 3.Calligraphy of Asma-ul-Husna

Story of Prophet hood A.S AND TERRIBLE WIND was also told. Lets see the calligraphic work and stories we did for these names.

Surah Al-Fatiha verse 4

مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ Maliki Yawmi-Deen Ayah 4. Master of the Day of Judgment

This verse Is about Muslims faith, Faith on Day of judgment. Its believe of getting reward of every action. It urges believer to obey his lord.

Allah is the Master of the day of judgment. He will sale our deeds on the day of judgment. We will get back what ever good or bad we did in this life.

As a practical work, Children were supposed to make a scale of their good and bad deeds. It was 2 weeks or 1 month activity. They added pebbles or beans to collect More and more good deeds, and try to avoid bad deeds. This is a practice for kids. So that they would realise, one day our good/bad deeds will bring to us and we will se what we had earned. and they will get reward on it.

And in the end of the activity a reward should be given to kids for collecting good and avoinding bad deeds. 🌸🌸So the story of two Gardens is the best story for kids. In this story it is stated that, what we get is from Allah. he is owner. He gives reward on our deeds and intentions.

We should say Ma sha Allah for having blessings. Like that garden one day every thing in this world will be destroyed and then people will regret.

‘There is a day our all deeds will be put into a scale. This life is like and examination hall and Day of judgment is the result day. Our book of actions will be open that day like our examination paper, And we will see what we are writing on that book. Than what will be our feeling? will we feel Happy? or sad?

‘To see this feeling, we made this Scale. for one week every child is putting some stones, pearls or any thing into it. One cup is for good deeds, second is for bad deeds. Every chid is eager to increase good deeds. I hope this will help them to stop doing bad things, they would try to avoid making mistakes.

We read story of Hazrat Uzayr A.S to understand life after death. .مالک یوم الدین سے عقیدہ آخرت سمجھانا۔ اعمال کا بدلے کا دن۔ اچھے برے اعمال کا بدلہ کیسے ملے گا۔ عملی کام۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ بچوں سے ایک ترازو بنوایا جائے گا جس میں وہ ایک مہینہ یہ ایکٹیویٹی کریں گے کہ دن میں ہر اچھے کام کا ایک موٹی اور ہر خراب کام کا ایک موٹی ڈالیں گے۔ مہینے کھ آخر میں اعمال کے مطابق بدلک ملے گا۔

If you are interested to know what was the result and reaction of my students after doing this activity read this paragraph.

So Final of Our Action scale. Child #1Mam I have 12 good Dead’s and 10 Bad dead’s. Why Hamdan? In a week you earned only 12 good deeds? His mother’s voice from the backside ”’Mam actually he did many bad deeds, but he didn’t let us count his all bad deeds. ”” Ha ha ha😘

child 2I have 3 good deeds and 3 bad deed. Why Ariz? You had many days, And you prayer 5 times, you do Recitation and also many other things. He: Mam My younger sister was not letting me include more good deeds, Actually she started to cry when I do add any good deed and finally she took out my 3 good deeds. (she is in the same class and had a competition with him) 😍

Child 3The youngest student. The sister of the student no 2Mam I have 3 good deeds and 2 bad deeds. Afra why? where are your good deeds of reciting supplications and helping mom and other things?

Mam my mother said to me that I will put. But she forgot. that’s why I have less deeds☹️. 😍(His brother from the other device)Mam when ever my mom tried to put her bad deed she started to cry.

So interesting. I was enjoying. Then I told them that ,it is human nature that they don’t want to count their bad deeds. So you were feeling guilt after very bad deed. But this was just a trail. Don’t worry. Here is are tips. So to do more good deeds and decrease your bad deeds,

1. When ever you intent to do good deed, your virtue would be counted so you can fill good deeds cup with making many good intentions and also doing small virtues.

2. If you do make any mistake you can say sorry to the person who was effected and then recite Astagfirullah (youngest, mam what should I do if I forget Astagfirullah?)(Other student, Mam if I forget to recite Astagfirlullah, May I say again Astagfirullah for Forgetting Astagfirullah ?😌)

3. If you forget to perform any fardh, Offering Prayer, You have to Say sorry to Allah. And to say sorry to Allah you have to recite Astagfirullah many times and also you should make a promise in your heart that you will not do it again.

4. When you would say sorry and stop doing mistakes, your bad deeds would turn into good deeds. So you can pick a bad deed from the cup and put into good deeds cup.( Boy: Mam our good deed also could be go into bad deeds cup ever?) Subhan Allah. No never. Our good deeds would never be wasted.

Then there was an other thing. For young children, angels do write their mistakes with led pencil. and angles erase their bad deeds when they feel sorry.

But after turning 11 yrs, Mistakes would be written with ink pen. It could not be erased. But stop. We have another option. We can use whitener. And that whitener would have a spot which would remind us our promise of not doing it again. And if We would commit that mistake again, Whitener would be scratched and that spot would look more dirty. Allah O Akber.

Surah Al-Fatiha Verse 5

Our registration !!! Iyaka Na’abodo, Wa iyaka Nasta’aeen.

So we Named This verse as A registration of a good Muslim.

Is registration of accepting Islam, With the heart contentment. We were born Muslims. But after knowing our lord we accepted His teachings and gave witnessing that will obey Allah. So a Question was asked by all students.

Why your are Muslim? Some said, because we born Muslim, some said, Because Allah made us Muslim. Some said because we offer prayers, some said our Parents told us.

So we discussed after knowing Allah. According to our previouse lesson of Surah AL-Fatiha, know you are able to decide. Do you think being a Muslim is an honour? And Allah is our Lord? Do you want to be Muslim? They said. So i said them to bear witness with full believe that, we are Muslim, We are Muslim see pictures

مالک حقیقی سے تعلق قائم کرنے کے لئے با شعور مسلمان کی طرح اپنی رجسٹری کروائی جائے۔ جس میں ہم اردو کریں گے کہ ہم اللی کا کہنا مانیں گے۔ عملی کام۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ڈرائنگ یا لکھ کر کہا جائے گا کہ۔ I’m Muslim. I’m Musljm.

Surah Al-Fatiha Verse 6

اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ Ihdinas Siraatal MustaqeemAyah 6

. In these verses we do Prayers. To be good Muslim, to earn Jannat, to walk on straight path we need Allah’s help. Because shytan is here to mislead us. Do pray more and more. Guide us to the straight path –We Pray to Allah to help us in understanding and following straight path.

The right path, there are many hurdles the right path. There are many shyateen in the right path. They mislead us. They make hurdles in our right path .So we ask Allah. We need Allah. O Allah! Make it easy for us. See the pictures How I explained Straight path and wrong Path?

Straight path is doing good. And devils are sitting in our way of good deeds. They invite us to change our path. They give us trouble to go upward like a way of hill. But if we will be stead fast.

We will get high status and get Jannah in reward. Bad path is easy to walk. devils are making it beautiful and easy. But it will lead one to hellfire. We have to escape from this. Story of Habeel and Qabeel is best for this. See picture.

۔ اللہ کا کہنا کیسے مانیں گے؟اللہ ہم سے کیا چاہتا ہے۔ دعا کے زریعے اللہ سے مدد مانگی جائے گی کہ اللہ ہمیں سیدھا راستہ دکھا۔ انعام یافتہ لوگ کون ہیں ؟ اللہ کے نبی، صحابہ، اور تمام نیک لوگ

Surah Al-Fatiha Verse no 7

صراط الذین انعمت علیھم۔ غیر المغضوب علیھم والضالین

The people that are in blessings of Allah all Prophets, companions and true believers and cursed people who got Allah’s anger Firaoon, Namrood, and all disbelievers. Alhamdolilah. Explained with the help of a drawing. see picture down.

Story Of Ibraheem we told. He was most blessed Prophet. So enjoy the story of Ibraheel A.S.

۔انعام یافتہ لوگ کون ہیں ؟ اللہ کے نبی، صحابہ، اور تمام نیک لوگ ۔ عذاب یافتہ لوگوں کے خلاف اللہ کی مدد مانگنا۔ یہ کون ہیں ؟ جن سے اللہ ناراض ہوا۔ مثلا ابو جہل، ابو لہب وغیرہ۔ عملی کام ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ دو راستے بنا کر نشاندہی کی جائے گی صحیح راستہ کون سا ہے؟ اور غلط کو ن سا۔؟ اور شیطان کس راستے پر بیٹھتا ہے؟

Names of Surah

Why Surat Fatiha is Um-ul-Kitab?The principals of this Surah Are narrated below. These principals show us that the Quran is all about these principals . So this is so easy to explain to kids with the help of this book Alhamdolilah .

Conversation with Allah(excellence of this Surah)

This part of Surat Al-Fatiha is the most beautiful Part. This looks like a talk with Allah. Best way to teach children, How to talk with Allah and how to Pray? The youngest girl was interested to choose story of the day.So She choose this one” The Kind Queen ”So There was a very beautiful Pray of Mother of Musa A.S

Details in Surah Fatiha Chapter 3

Exercises and Homework of Students

Mind Maps.

So we do mind map after completing the Surah. We collect our information and points from the Surah to make mind map. We also do use mind maps from here are some points from the mind map.

Surh Al-fateha is makki surah. Its first and opening Surah of Quran.

Tafseer for other Surahs

Other courses we have

Hadith with stories course consists of 30 short hadith for children with interesting stories you can see that course in my hadith course tab.
Prayer for kids course a short course to teach about taharat, Gusal, wudu, times of prayers, number and names of prayers, pillers and conditions of prayer and method of prayer. Search as Prayer for kids course on search bar.
Kindness to Parents
Ramzan Boost course
Faith boost course in December to say NO MARYY CRISTMAS

Enrolments Available

Tafseer for kids group class are available online for all time zones. Recommended age for the class tafseer for kids is 9+. These classes are available in English and Urdu. If you want to enrol your child in our classes contact us via.


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