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Recitation of Surah

Alhamdolilah.. The class start with the beautiful recitation of Surah…Almost all children already have memorised this surah because of being short and of its excellency.

Introduction of the Surah

The first lesson was the introduction of Surah. From The book Islamic education the introduction of the Surah was told. This surah was revealed to answer the Makkan. They were idol worshipers and had many gods. They used to make their own gods with woods, stoned and mud. For them it was very surprising thing to belief on one god. Their gods had big families and they were assigned for different duties. So there were Questions like. Who is your god? What is he made of? Who is his Father? Who is his son? Where he lives. Why we cant see him? etc.

So Surah Ikhlas was revealed to introduce Allah SWT. So a term was used for kids. This Surah is an introduction of Allah swt. So this surah will teach us about Allah and his one ness.

The message or theme of surah Ikhlas

The message of this Surah is Towheed. That Allah is only one. He is lord and creator of the universe. So he is running this universe al alone. He could not be like mankind. Allah don’t not need to eat, sleep or to have family. So a chapter of Towheed was already done. We can relate. The chapter of towheed could be see in the other post. Here are some pictures from that chapter.(From the book ‘Islamic education grade 4 ) These pictures shows that, the attributions of Allah and powers of Allah like sightening, hearing and knowing are His own. He gave us a very small share of His powers as gift. So Allah is one Lord, Illah and Rub. These three terms are explained in the Towheed chapter.

Word to word translation of the surah

Now its time to understand verse by verse and word by word. We used my First Quran with pictures Book for Translation. So we do write word meanings on screen share. Children have to note and memorise the meanings. pictures help us to Understand easily. Children can Use the book to write meanings or note books where they write arabic with meanings. See Pictures

Translation of Surah Ikhlas

Now after well understanding and explaining the word meanings and message of Surah we do full translation from the Other Islamic studies book. Now its time to recite the Surah by heart with Translation.

Chapter of Surah / Tafseer

For tafseer and discussions , we read this chapter from Ilsamic Education book. As The introduction and other information’s about the surah was already delivered to the children. The introduction, the terms, the excellency of surah were done. Now Children do read text straight and take an active part in discussions.


Its time to assessment. We got this exercise from the book Islamic education and solved it. . Here is a picture of the Surha ikhlaas chapter. But we also do revision of word to word translation and full translation. Children recite every verse and then tell me word meanings and translation of verses.

Excellence of Surah Ikhlaas

Now its the time to tell the excellency of the SUrha. here are some notes we from the chapter and tafseer of Surah Ikhlas. Its very very important surah and 1/3 part of Quran. Towheed is the 1/3 part of the Qura’an and its teachings are very clear. So We are sure that children would strength their belief after covering this surah. When to read was also noted. Alhamdolilah. This surah is Also included in Morning and evening Azkar according to Hadith.

Mind map.

When we done all activities we do mind map of the Surah. From LIVEMUSLIM.ORG I got this beautifull mind map. Children enjoyed to do mind mapping of the surah . Mind map is a tried and useful method of putting things in life long memory. So In sha Allah children will never forget the meaning and message of the surah after doing mind map,

Activities on Towheed

Here are some activities we did on towheed. These pictures were taken from towhead chapter (Islamic studies)and discussed with the children. The three pillers of Towheed are shown in drawing.

Allah is one in creations (LORD)

Allah is one in his attribution (Rub)

Allah is only one God to whom we should worship. (Ilah)

Other activities.

Calligraphy of Allah’s names was done. So that children can understand the status of Allah. They can bond with Allah’s love and do work on ALlah’s attributions.

Stories For children

according to chapter of towheed and the topic of Surah we red some stories from the Book ‘My First Qura’an story book’. This book has various stories about creations and Prophet that are told in Quraan . So the stories like ‘In the biggening’, The first man ‘ and ‘ The pride of Iblees’ were told to the children. It help them to enjoy the Towheed chapter and to understand the stories of creation and Knowing their lord. Alhamdolilah.

Books we have used. You can buy these books here

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