Do you know only three Birds mentioned in Quran

Purpose of the Unit study of birds mentioned in the Quran

In this session, our focus and purpose are polishing the creativity of Muslim children and adding some pieces of information about nature with a complete reference to the Quran. So that children take more interest in reading and understanding the Holy Book Quran Kareem and do Tafakurr. 

Crow, Hoopoe, and Ababeels are the birds mentioned in the Quran. All these birds are mentioned in different stories and in different ways. But all these birds have some astonishing facts. We did this unit study in a totally different way. Three children were part of this study with the moms. Every activity was hands-on and fieldwork-based. let’s see the reality and facts of the birds one by one. 

We will study the bird crow mentioned in the Quran in these ways.

  1. Storytelling
  2. Bird of this story.
  3. Photography.
  4. Facts of the Crow.
  5. Crafting.
  6. Benefits of the birds and crow.
  7. Moral lesson and Prayer of forgiveness.


1. Crow is mentioned in the Quran in the story of Adam A.S and his Sons Habeel & Qabeel. We will start with storytelling.

Before starting to tell stories keep in mind

  • Answer the unrelative questions of children.
  • Use a good Tone of Storytelling.
  • Body language helps to express feelings and make good imaginaries

Our first story is about the First Khalifa of Allah SAW (Prophet of Allah SWT )Adam and His Sons. The bird mentioned in our first story is A CROW. This story is revealed in Surat Al-meida in Quran. We read the story of Adam and His son and found out the moral lesson of the story. The lesson of the story of Adam is given in these two pictures.

After reading the story, we had a discussion, about why Adam was sent to this world. What Allah has advised them? And the lesson we learned from the story is that we should obey Allah, not Iblees. W all are bounded by some forbidden and shytan is our enemy. If we follow him, he will mislead us and we will occur sins like the sons of Adam A.S. Some facts from the story of Adam are added to the pictures.

Birds mentioned in Quran
Birds mentioned in Quran

Creativity, Art/Craft for the story

We have this fingerpainted forbidden tree for this purpose. we had many crafts in this story like the forbidden tree of Adam. A.S, First Kabah Made by Adam A.S and other craftworks.

Birds mentioned in Quran

Moral lesson of the story

The story is about two brothers. One brother was loyal and honest and loved his brother, He is obedient to his father, and he submitted to Allah. But the other was misguided by shaitan. He hated and was jealous of his brother. He was disrespectful of his father and not submitted to Allah. Finally following the footsteps of shytan he killed his own brother of His jealousy. Then he was regretful for not knowing what to do with the dead body, instead of being regretful to kill his brother. Allah helped him and a crow was there to teach him how to bury dead bodies.

The bird in the Story  

After telling the story a question was asked. Which birds taught Qabeel how to hide the dead body of Habeel into the soil? The Crow Yes it was the crow. The crow was mentioned and we entered into the world of crow. Now we have to find out the facts about the birds.


We were looking to capture a crow or a nest of crows. Mostly in our area crows could be found hardly. But Luckily, we found a nest of a crew downstairs. That was close to the roof so we used a ladder to capture a close view of that nest. Honestly speaking the photograph is not much pretty, but I’m proud to uncover it as that was made by my little kids. We don’t have any pic of crows not of eggs, but it’s okay as kids are familiar enough with crows.

Birds mentioned in Quran

Facts of Crow.

We searched for the facts of the crows on youtube, google, and different books and social talks. We gathered these interesting facts about crows after watching the videos and also from this story.

  1. Crow has 45 species.
  2. The lush of a special kind of crow is Halal.
  3. Crow makes a rough nest with some grass and tree sticks.
  4. It is a very clever and outsmarting Bird so it could solve his problems at the spot.
  5. Crows are emotional birds and express their feelings. They don’t leave their Fellows even when they are dead.
  6. The crows have a strong memory.
  7. The Crows are fearless birds and can steal food from others even from humans.
  8. Crows eat everything even the dirt.

These facts unveil the truth of crow. For me, the new thing was that crow is Halal and Muslims could eat it.

Birds mentioned in Quran

Crafts of the story.

It’s time to make the nests of crows. We got three ideas for the nests. Woods and husk nest, molding clay nest, and play dough nest. So as we are going to do work on the three birds mentioned in Quran, we will make them all one by one. Crow nest will be of woods and husk. (For all the pictures visit my Pinterest profile.) Every child participated in this session excitedly. As it was again some fieldwork. They went outside to get woods and husks to make a nest. The Video of making a nest is down.

The Benefits and Importance of birds:-

The benefits of birds as well as Crow and Verses about birds in the Quran..-

Like other animals, insects, and birds Crows are also created for some benefit of all human kinds

After studying of Quran and science, we came to know that, the crow is not a useless bird.

Follow these (verses)Ayats for reference of benefits and facts of animals, birds, and Insects. 

Summary of the study and prayer of Adam.

  • The lesson of this story is shaitan is our biggest enemy. 
  • We should avoid being aggressive, envious, and jealous.
  • Every problem has its solution, we should learn lessons from nature.
  • We should ask forgiveness if we make any mistakes like Adam A.S.
  • Learn the prayer of Adam A.S

Did you enjoy this unit study with Us?

Leave your thought about this wonderful experience.

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