Read and understanding the Koran can be a major challenge for those who do not speak
Arabic, especially for children.

But with the right mentors and guidance, anyone can learn
how to read and understand the Koran, the holy book of Islam.

Why do you need to learn the Quran? How to learn the Quran? What benefits can you get
from learning the Quran? What are the best ways to learn?

These are good questions worth
answering. This blog aims to answer all of them for a better understanding of Islam.

Importance of learning the Koran

Understanding the Koran is one of the key pillars of the Muslim faith. The Koran is not
merely a book of physical text but rather a book of guidance and teachings. Thus to learn the
The holy koran is very significant for all Muslims and nonmuslim to live a life in a worth living
The Koran is a sacred book full of wisdom and guidance for all humanity in all aspects of life.
It’s written in Arabic which makes it even more challenging to read and understand. For the
Muslim’s heart and conscience, the Koran is the mirror of the universe.

The word “Koran” or “Quran” means “to read or recite”. The Koran is the direct word of Allah
that’s why it is compulsory for all humans to know the purpose of their creation.

The koran is
not only a sacred book, but it is the religious compass for Muslims of the whole world.
Regardless of their time and environment, Muslims must follow the laws, moral principles,
and body of rules established in the Koran.

Humans, wherever they may be, must obey the
fundamental rules and the precisely regulated order of the universe while acting on their

Why Every Muslim Should Learn The Koran?

The holy Quran is a complete set of guidelines for all humanity. Regardless of any religion,
any culture or any language the reader belongs to, The Koran mentions all the people on
earth equally as all the humans are same and equal in front of One Allah.
Allah Almighty says in Quran

“O people, we created you from the same male and female and rendered you distinct
peoples and tribes that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of
GOD is the most righteous. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant”.
It is significant for all of us to learn the message of Allah Almighty so that we can better
understand the purpose of our life. It is compulsory to know the right way of living a
prosperous life in a peaceful society.

The Koran tells us the codes of life. It consists of all the Social, ethical, and moral values and
principles that play an important role in the development of a perfect human. Thus we should
Learn the Koran (Quran) for the betterment of our lives.

Why is it necessary for kids to learn the Noble Quran /Koran?

Recitation and reading the Holy koran is the noblest action to perform. Kids are the future of
Muslim Ummah. They should learn and carry the knowledge of the Koran with them
throughout their lives and live a life according to the teachings of Islam.

Childhood is the best period for a child to learn the holy Quran. It not only increases the
mental capacity of a child but also constructs the ethical and moral standards of the children.
Koran helps children spiritually as well as socially.

The Koran provides historical lessons for children and kids in the form of past stories
which have a positive impact on the social and spiritual life of a child along with his fluency in
the language. so it’s very necessary for Muslim kids to learn the Noble Quran.

How to Learn The Noble Quran?

Now the most significant challenge for beginners is “how to learn the Quran?” After that How
to interpret the message of the Quran?

It is important for both adults and children to learn the Quran in order to gain insight into the
teachings of Allah and to apply them to their lives. But learning the Quran can be difficult,
especially for children, so it is important for parents to play an active role in helping their
children to learn the Quran.

Role of parents in Learning Quran for kids

Parents should encourage their children to learn the Quran, and provide a supportive
environment for their children to develop their understanding and appreciation of the Quran.
This can be done by providing resources such as books and online courses, as well as
having them attend Quran classes.

Parents should also be aware of their children’s progress in learning the Quran, and provide
guidance and support when needed. It is essential for parents to set an example for their
children by following the teachings of the Quran and its commentaries.

Parents should look into various learning methods and decide which one best fits their
children’s needs. Some children may benefit from memorization, while others may need
more of a structured approach.


How can your Kids Learn the Quran from 121 Islam for kids?
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Benefits of choosing 121 Islam For Kids

121 Islam For Kids offers Quran with Tafseer, Islamic stories in English, short stories with
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Kids are the Future of the Muslim Ummah. So it is necessary for us to give them knowledge
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The most significant feature of 121 Islam For Kids We work on the morals and character of
our students so that they can participate in the development of a responsible Muslim
At 121 Islam for Kids, we believe in the importance of providing a quality education for our
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What resources are available to learn Quran in English and Greek?
There are a variety of resources available to learn the Quran in English and Greek, such as
online courses, apps, books, audio recordings, and other multimedia tools.

Are there any online options available to learn Quran in English and Greek?
Yes, there are various online courses and tools available to learn Quran in English and
Are there any apps available to learn Quran in English and Greek?
Yes, there are many apps available in both English and Greek to help you learn Quran.

Are there any books available to learn Quran in English and Greek?
Yes, there are many books available in both English and Greek to help you learn Quran.

What are the benefits of learning the Quran in English and Greek?
Learning Quran in English and Greek can help with understanding the meanings behind the
words, developing a better understanding of the Islamic faith, and connecting with the
spiritual aspects of the Quran.

What is the cost of Learning the Quran online?

The cost of Learn Quran online courses depends on the type of course and the length of
time you plan to study the material. However, all of our courses are very affordable and can
fit different budgets.


In conclusion, it is clear that kids are the future of the Muslim Ummah, and every Muslim
should strive to learn the Noble Quran in order to understand the purpose of their life.

Thankfully, there are many programs like 121 Islam for Kids that provide comprehensive
teachings and online courses to make learning the Quran easier and enjoyable for kids and

With these tools, kids can gain a better understanding of their faith and be better
prepared to lead the Muslim Ummah in the future.

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