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We will provide you free 30 short Hadiths course with the introduction, stories, videos tips to teach, and worksheets

Kitab-ul-Hadith for Kids.

30 short Hadiths

30 short hadiths in Urdu and English were done with translation, references, and interesting stories/ videos. Age 5+ to 12 yrs.

Our goal is to teach hadiths with long-term memory. And to rebuild a love for Prophet Muhammad SAW  in the hearts of our children.

All these hadiths are in attractive graphics. These all hadiths are authentic and taken from sahih books. To make it easier, the topic is also highlighted with a hadith translation. Every topic has a story we did in this session. Stories are available in pdf and youtube videos. Visit my page to subscribe to my website and channels.

Activity at home
June 2019 summer vacation. I started to teach short hadiths to my kids at home.

We started as a storytime. Whiteboard was used to write hadith, code, and translation. Then after a little discussion, an interesting story would be told to the kids. And then they wrote these hadiths into their Alkitab-ul-Hadith.(Children’s personal journal).

Group work.
My online students and some mothers asked me to share this online with their kids. So I started to make videos of all hadiths with stories. I started to share 1 hadith weekly. And kids were also sharing their hadiths activities in my group.so we completed these hadiths in 30 weeks. You can join our group to learn and teach hadiths where I will keep sharing hadith weekly.

Tips to teach.

Hadith Classes Online

Free hadith worksheets

Make a small journal, or handbook(sketchbook) (Or Use our worksheet book designed for kids. scroll down to see the book.)
Write the title cover of  Alkitab-ul-hadith and the name of the child.
Use my hadith video(Urdu/English) or write this hadith yourself on the whiteboard.
Watch videos for the story or tell stories yourself (stories would be according to the topic. Visit my site for written stories)
Ask your child to write hadith into their book.
Design the book and hadith with colors.
Revise hadiths many times and try to memorize them. According to the age of children.
For the children under 8, write hadiths yourself in their book and ask them to color. During this, they will repeat hadiths to understand it.

Day 1 – The introduction of Hadees.

Hadith Classes Online

  • For English Members.
    Hadees means talks or words of someone.
    Hadees-i-Nabi means words, talks, and actions of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Where he explained the verses of the Quran, told us does and forbidden in Islam, and guided us on how to live life and he also gave us news of Gaib.
    All the words of Our Nabi SAW are from Allah and are true.
    In Quran Allah SWT says, “and the life of Muhammad SAW is the best role model for you. “That’s why we are starting to learn Hadees. And we will also get Ajer and a good reward from Allah if we learn and forward Ahadees.
    Prophet of Allah said,
    Allah will enlighten the face of those who will learn and forward my Hadees to others.
    The Books of Ahadees are Sahi Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ibn-i-Maja, Jamia Termizi, etc. We will choose some short parts from the Hadith and then do the translation, Tafseer, and a moral/Seerah story with the topic of the hadith.I will provide the Hadith and Story about the Topic with some explanation of Hadith.
    Tips to make this book:-
    Let’s start the First step
    This is a child-parent activity.
    All you have to do is …
    Please make (A Hadees Book) KITAB-UL-HADEES for your child.
  • Make a lap book of hands/heart-shaped craft book with colored papers..(Sample)
  • Take any mini sketchbook. (My kids are using this one)
  • Make a book of yourself with Some  A4 paper, cut them in half, and then step again.
  • Make its cover. (my kids mostly make these books for their drawing collections. (let me know if you want to see it.
    Use any kid’s dairy. (sample)
  • 30 short Hadiths

Template of Hadith book:-
1. Please make a cover page of books with the name of the book and the child.

2. Design the template of the next page for your kid to help to make themselves in the future. (you can watch the video in the last sharing)

Here down is the template of our Hadees Journal.

30 short Hadiths

Or You can Buy My Hadith with stories course worksheets. Watch the worksheet photos down or video

As described above, we will cover 1 Hadees in three days. (Maximum 6 days)

Day 1. To teach Hadees with Translation/definition of Hadees, the code of Hadees, and a good story related to the topic of Hadees.

Day 2. Children will write Hadees in a calligraphic style and good template design in their books and learn Hadees with code, story, and topic of Hadees.

Day 3. Kids will revise and you will listen to the Hadees from children.

Revision/listening All previous Ahadiths is compulsory.

You could share your picture of every hadith activity.

30 short Hadiths


30 short Hadiths in Urdu,

اسلام وعلیکم

آج سے ہم بچوں کو حدیث سکھانے کا آغاز کرتے ہیں اور اس کے لیے ہم حدیث کے طرف سے شروعات کریں گے. بچوں کے لیے یہ جاننا بہت ضروری ہے  کہ حدیث کیا ہوتی ہے اور ہم یہ کیوں سیکھ رہے ہیں

یہ ساری معلومات میں نے نیچے دے گئی ویڈیو میں ڈال دے ہیں. خود بھی سنیں اس میں دلچسبی لیں اور بچوں کو بھی سنائیں میں اپنے انداز میں میں بچوں کوحدیث سیکھانے کے لیے ہلکا پھلکا انداز اور ساتھ میں تفریح کے لیے کچھ کہانیاں سنایا کروں گے. جس سے بچے اگلی حدیث کا انتظار کریں گے. اور شوق سے سنتے سنتے بہت کچھ سیکھ لیں گے. پھر جب وہ حدیث سن کر لکھ لیا کریں گے اور ان کی دوہرا ی ہو گی تو وہ اور بھی اچھی طرح سیکھ لیں گے

آپ سب کے لیے اس میں بہت آسانی ہو گی انشااللہ. آپ کے ذمہ صرف یہ ہے کہ میں ہر سوموار کو حدیث اپلوڈ کر دیا کروں گے آپ نے بچوں کے لیے کوئی یا خاص دن یا ان کا فارغ وقت دیکھ کر ویڈیو چلانی کرنی ہے.

ساتھ الکتاب الحدیث اور بچوں کےکلر پنسل  وغیرہ رکھ دیا کریں اور جو بچے چھوٹے  ہیں ان کی ڈیزائنگ میں اور لکھنے میں مدد کریں. اگر آپ کا بچہ لکھ نہ سکے تو حدیث ٹریس کر دیا کریں.اگر بچہ اردو لکھ نہیں سکتا تو انگلش میں بھی لکھ سکتا ہے

لیکن اس بات کو یقینی بنائیں کہ بچہ لکھیے ضرور چاہے تھوڑی تھوڑی کر کے پورے ہفتے میں

اس کے کچھ فائدے ہیں. حدیث  لکھتے ہوۓ یاد ہو جایے گی

                                                                            یا آپ حدیث کورس کی ورک بک خرید لیں -جس پر احادیث لکھی ہویی ہیں

حدیث شئیر کریں گے تو فکر سے لکھا کرے گا اور خوش ہو گا.

یہ چیز بھی خوشی دے گی کہ اس کی اپنی کتاب الحدیث ہے

اور آخر میں حدیث ختم ہونے پر سرٹیفیکٹ اور انعام بھی ملے گا..

جزاک اللہ


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