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New Session

💓New session is going to start Again! (Paid)

🍄This is a course for those parents who cant give proper time to children and also mind to play videos for their kids.

🍄For the purpose, I’m going to start hadith classes. The class will be online via Zoom or skype.

🍄Times and days will be decided after subscriptions and inquiries of interested people.

🍄I’m accepting only 7yrs and up students.

🍄If you are still confused and want to know How I do teach? then watch this video

This is made by one of my brilliant student. Khadija

🍄I have students from age 5 yrs to up in my ongoing session.

🍄And my active students of all groups are very happy with this course. They do wait for my next lessons .

🍄If you want to see more work on hadith course. Visit my Hadith course tab

🍄You can also visit my Channels for Urdu and English hadith where my kids activities and my videos are avail able.🍄✔️So do hurry and join me as soon as possible.💓✔️Comment below for queries.

About me

121Islamforkis.com is a personal site designed for Muslim Parents. We provide you Free resources, courses, Crafts ideas, parenting tips, Islamic videos and free stories for kids. My 30 short Hadith course is the Thing of proud for us for designing a unique method to engage kids with seerah and build their character with Stories. My first priority is to provide you easy and free resources which could help you in teaching your pre-schoolers and home schoolers.

My Urdu section would provide Tips and free Urdu stories for kids.

You can ask me any thing in the comment box. Or Email us at bhallitaha@gmail.com