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Welcome to Our Islamic kids videos channel.

If you are looking for, the best Islamic videos for Muslim kids in English? You are here in right place. We have designed various activities and worksheets with videos of how to teach Islam.

We are a teacher of expert Islamic education teachers. We believe in the activity base teaching method. That’s why we are adding new tools and techniques to our teaching style.

To give our besties, we collect authentic Islamic knowledge and resources from the best and most authentic books and then we create new and awesome content to teach in our classes.

Our content is a mind map and a short introductory plus an activity base. So that children never burden their minds to understand the difficult topics of Islamic education.

What we can provide for Islamic kids?

  • Short Surah tafsir
  • Prayer course
  • Hadith with stories course
  • Ramzan course
  • Rights of Parents course
  • Faith course
  • Islamic stories
  • Arts and Crafts

How you can explore our Islamic videos?

All videos are being added to our playlist.

You can click on any playlist and start watching out videos.

Seerat-UL-Nabi SAW
Ramzan Course
Hadith course

Surah AL Fatiha

Surah AL-Bayinah


Hadith course

Ramzan Dairy