Ramadan story: This is a story of 3 Celestials, who decided to visit Earth to get experience of Ramadan on Earth. Where they met Zahra……(Read the story)


“Eid Among the Stars: A Cosmic Ramadan Tale”

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, amidst shimmering galaxies and twinkling stars, three celestial beings named Lyrics, Orion, and Vega dwelled in harmony. From their celestial perch, they observed the wonders of the universe, watching over planets and galaxies with keen interest.

As Ramadan approached, whispers of the sacred month reached the ears of Lyrics, Orion, and Vega. Tales of devotion, kindness, and spiritual growth echoed through the cosmos, captivating their celestial hearts. Curious and eager to learn more, they turned their attention toward Earth, where Muslims celebrated the blessed month of Ramadan with reverence and piety.

From their vantage point among the stars, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega watched as children on Earth eagerly prepared for Ramadan. They observed families coming together to decorate their homes, not only adorning them with colorful lights and ornaments but also creating prayer corners adorned with verses from the Quran and beautiful Islamic art.

In addition to decorating their homes, the children were busy planning their ibada, or acts of worship, for the month ahead. They crafted intricate ibada charts, mapping out their daily prayers, Quran recitations, and charitable acts with meticulous care and devotion.

Intrigued by the rituals and traditions surrounding Ramadan, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega sought out tales of the blessed month from travelers passing through the cosmos. They listened intently as stories of devotion and spiritual growth unfolded, their hearts stirred by the depth of faith and piety exhibited by Muslims on Earth.

Inspired by the tales they had heard, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega made a decision – they would journey to Earth and experience Ramadan firsthand. But they didn’t embark on this journey merely as curious observers; they had a mission in mind. They would seek out a child on Earth who embodied the true spirit of Ramadan, rewarding them with a special Eid celebration among the stars.

With excitement and anticipation coursing through their celestial veins, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega was prepared for their journey to Earth. Little did they know that their adventure would not only bring them closer to understanding the true essence of Ramadan but would also lead them on a transformative journey of their own.

Their journey began in a bustling city, where they witnessed the excitement and anticipation of Ramadan preparations. The aroma of delicious food wafted through the air as families busily prepared for the month ahead. Intrigued by the festivities, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega decided to immerse themselves in the lives of Earth’s children, eager to experience Ramadan firsthand.

Their journey began with high hopes, but as they descended upon Earth, they encountered troubling sights that challenged their perceptions of Ramadan.

They found themselves in the homes of different children, each with their own unique experiences and challenges during Ramadan.

1. Sibling Rivalry during Sahri and Iftar:

In the household of Ali and Sara, the anticipation of Ramadan was tinged with an undercurrent of rivalry. As the sun dipped below the horizon, signaling the start of Sahri, the pre-dawn meal, Ali and Sara’s sibling competition ignited like a flame.

Eager to secure their portions of food, they dashed to the table each morning, their hungry stomachs fueling their determination. But instead of harmony, the breakfast table echoed with arguments over who deserved the largest serving of dates or the sweetest bowl of porridge.

“Ali, you’re always taking more than your share!” Sara’s voice would rise in protest, her frustration evident.

“Because I need the energy! You’re just being greedy!” Ali would retort, his competitive spirit in full force.

Their bickering continued into the evening during Iftar, the momentous meal to break their fast. Amidst the aroma of savory dishes and sweet treats, Ali and Sara vied for attention, each attempting to outshine the other with their achievements of the day.

“I finished my soup first!” Ali would boast, his voice brimming with pride.

“But I helped Mama set the table!” Sara would counter, her eyes flashing with determination.

Despite their parents’ efforts to foster peace and cooperation, the siblings remained entrenched in their rivalry, oblivious to the disappointment etched on their faces. Little did they know, hidden among the stars, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega observed their discord with heavy hearts, their hopes of finding a righteous child dimming with each argument.

Lyrics’s gentle light, showered on them to make them kind and loving each other.

2. Deception During Fasting:

In the tranquil neighborhood of Al-Hamra, Ahmed’s excitement for Ramadan was marred by a shadow of deceit. While he joined his family in fasting, his heart harbored a secret craving for forbidden snacks hidden beneath his bed.

With each passing day, Ahmed succumbed to temptation, sneaking small bites when he believed no one was watching. Unbeknownst to him, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega observed his actions from their celestial vantage point, their disappointment growing with each illicit indulgence.

One fateful day, as Ahmed emerged from his room, crumbs clinging to his lips, his parents Khadija and Amir confronted him with concern and disappointment. Ahmed’s cheeks flushed with guilt as he confessed his transgressions, his words weighed down by the shame of his deception.

Despite his parents’ forgiveness and understanding, Ahmed’s betrayal cast a shadow over the sanctity of Ramadan in their home. With heavy hearts, they grappled with the realization that their son had strayed from the path of righteousness. And from their celestial perch, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega knew that they could not reward a child who had forsaken the true spirit of Ramadan for the fleeting pleasures of worldly desires. Orion’s shimmering light revealed the truth, prompting the child to reflect on the importance of sincerity in fasting.

3. Not Sharing and Being Generous:

In the modest abode of Fatima and Jamal, the essence of Ramadan was eclipsed by their children’s selfishness. As the days of fasting unfolded, Fatima Jamal hoarded their toys and treats, unwilling to share with their less fortunate peers.

Despite their parents’ gentle reminders of the importance of generosity and compassion, the siblings clung to their possessions with clenched fists, blind to the disappointment etched on their parents’ faces. Little did they know, their actions did not escape the watchful gaze of Lyrics, Orion, and Vega, who observed their lack of empathy with heavy hearts.

As FATIMA JAMAL remained oblivious to the virtues of Ramadan, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega silently departed, their hopes of finding a righteous child shattered by the siblings’ selfishness. And as they journeyed onward, they vowed to seek out a child whose heart was as generous as their spirit. Vega cast a mysterious glow, guiding them towards better deeds and reminding them of the virtues of Ramadan

4. Lack of Interest in Ibada:

In the bustling city of Al-Nur, lived a family where the children’s indifference to Ibada overshadowed the sanctity of Ramadan. While their parents Zainab and Ahmed devoted themselves to prayer and reflection, Bilal and Aysha remained engrossed in games and distractions, their hearts distant from the true essence of the blessed month.

As the call to prayer echoed through the streets, summoning the faithful to their devotions, the siblings remained unmoved, their attention fixated on screens and gadgets. Despite their parents’ attempts to instill the importance of Ibada in them, Ayesha and Bilal indifference persisted, leaving their parents disheartened and dismayed.
Unbeknownst to them, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega observed their lack of interest with a heavy heart, knowing that they could not reward a child who showed little regard for the teachings of Ramadan. And with a sigh of resignation, they bid farewell to the family of Bilal and Aeysha, their hopes of finding a righteous child dwindling with each passing moment.

Lyrics gently illuminated his prayer spaces, hoping to remind them of the true spirit of Ramadan.

5. The Lesson of Generosity:

Now they were In the humble abode of Hassan, nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant fields. There lived a young girl named Zahra. With her radiant smile and compassionate heart, Zahra was beloved by all who knew her, her acts of kindness left an indelible mark on the hearts of her neighbors.

As Ramadan descended upon the land, Zahra embraced the sacred month with a sense of purpose and determination. Each day, she rose before dawn to prepare iftar for her family, carefully setting aside portions of food to share with those less fortunate in her community.

One afternoon, as she ventured into the bustling marketplace to distribute food to the needy, she encountered a hungry beggar sitting by the roadside, his eyes filled with longing. Without hesitation, Zahra offered him a portion of her iftar, her heart overflowing with compassion and generosity.

Moved by Zahra’s selflessness, the beggar’s eyes welled with tears as he accepted her offering with gratitude. In that moment, Zahra realized the true power of generosity – not just in giving material possessions, but also in sharing love, compassion, and empathy with those in need.
From that day forward, Zahra’s acts of kindness and generosity inspired those around her to follow in her footsteps. As she broke her fast each evening with her family, she was reminded of the boundless blessings that flowed from a heart filled with love and compassion.

Zahra’s Space Journey:

Meanwhile, high above the Earth’s atmosphere, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega whisked Zahra away on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos. They soared through the stars, passing by dazzling nebulae and breathtaking galaxies, their hearts filled with wonder and awe.

As they traveled through the vast expanse of space, Zahra marveled at the celestial wonders around her, her senses overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of Allah’s creation. She felt a sense of peace and serenity wash over her, knowing that she was part of something far greater than herself.

During their journey, the stars treated Zahra to unique and delicious meals, crafted from the finest ingredients found in the far reaches of the universe. They dined on celestial delicacies such as stardust-infused fruit and moonbeam nectar, savoring each bite as they basked in the glow of the stars.
As Eid al-Fitr approached, Lyrics, Orion, and Vega presented Zahra with a special gift – a shimmering cloak woven from the threads of the Milky Way, infused with the blessings of Allah. With tears of gratitude in her eyes, Zahra wrapped herself in the cloak, feeling its warmth and protection enveloping her like a loving embrace.
Together, they celebrated Eid al-Fitr amidst the stars, offering prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving for the blessings bestowed upon them. As they gazed out at the vast expanse of the universe, Zahra felt a deep sense of peace and contentment wash over her, knowing that the love and guidance of Allah surrounded her.
As they returned to Earth, Zahra carried with her the memories of her cosmic adventure, knowing she had been blessed with a Ramadan and Eid filled with purpose, joy, and spiritual growth. And in the hearts of Lyrics, Orion, and Vega, Zahra’s unwavering faith and devotion would forever shine as a beacon of light in the vast expanse of the universe.

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