6 Tips to Memorize Small Surah for kids.💁‍♂️💁‍♀️

1. Choose a small Surah. Try to choose from the end Like Surah Al-Naas, Then Sura Al-Fallaq, Then Surah Al-Ikhlaas and up.
2. Choose Recitation video for kids and play for them. Ask them to gaze/read the words with Qari. And if they are using just Audio than open the Quran In front of them. Down is a video with Quran Verses. (or Use these apps fromQari Saad Al-Ghamdi or Qari Mishary Rashid etc)
3. Listen ten Times daily.
4. Read the Surah 3 times daily.
5. Listen to Surah. It would be weak, but the next day repeats again and then you test them.
6. Do not stay at one Surah for more than two days even If it is weak. They will learn well when repeating again and again.

Note:- Do not push them or force them.
Just motivate them and try to make audios or record their recitations and show your excitement for them.
Best of Luck.
🌷 May Allah make it easy for you.🌷
For any help leave your comment.

Here is a Video of Quran recitation from my Son. I will keep posting small videos on this channel so it’s better to subscribe.
A Playlist for small surah to learn for kids with beautiful pictures and verses. Click the link↓ or visit my channel ‘Islam for kids’ For more videos of crafts and others.

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