7 Best Ways to make reading and writing fun in a home school 

In a homeschool, new creative ideas and fun activities improve the vision of the kids and increase self-confidence without getting them bored.↑

Reading and writing are two educational methods which are much boring for some types of learners. Especially for audio learners, kinesthetic learners, reading, and writing is very boring work. And sometimes reinforcement on it could stop a child to learn. Actually, some student who can’t read and write properly may be phobic of reading and write. For some students, it’s hard to understand the difference between b and d. Some student complains words do dance in their imaginations Some others may have eyesight problem. It is up to parents that they should understand the real problem of their kids. This article is just for parents of preschoolers and early education homeschoolers. 
Encouragement and easy activities will cure phobia and develop their interest in these activities
In a homeschool, parents or home tutors can make reading/writing more colorful, easy according to the learning capacity of the child. As a homeschooled mom, I  just give them outlines or idea’s and they mostly make worksheets themselves. In a homeschool,  children need motivation and encouragement for creativity and self-empowerment.
Here are some activities that could be used in a home school to make them read and write.

1.Reading/Writing Activity 

1. Make a Flower and write names of all colors in petals. Then ask the child to read and color the Patel.
2. Color the Patels of a flower and say to him/her to write the names of colors. And appreciate the child’s work after completing the task.
homeschool reading writing activity
                                                                                         home school reading/writing activity.

2.Homeschool reading/writing activity

1.Make a flower or bunch of grapes and the child will count and write the numbers in each grape or Patel.
2. Write numbers in the petals or grapes and the child will count the numbers in series and color the petals. You can buy an 11+math! Learn and test.

Homeschool reading writing activityHomeschool reading writing activity

3. Home school Reading/writing Train activity.

1. Make boxes of a train and write different names of things or alphabets in the boxes.
2. Make small boxes of a train and write words in every box. and ask the child to read the name/Alphabet in the box. Names of thing or persons could be used in it. And don’t forget to appreciate after completing the task.

Homeschool reading writing activity


4. Home school reading/writing activity

1. Write the names of some things on a paper and ask the child to find the things in the home.
2. Cut some pictures of things from the newspaper and ask the child to write the name of the things. As I was teaching two languages of my homeschooler so he wrote the names in both languages.

Homeschool reading writing activity

5. Homeschool Reading and writing activity

Write names of different things in artistic style with double line and ask the child to read and then write inside the letters with different colors.

6. Home school Reading writing activity

1. Write the names of parts of the body and ask the child to read and draw part to make a child.
2. Draw a child and say child to write the names of the part of the body.

7. Home school Reading/writing activity
In Home school Reading writing activities
Play a scrabble game on a paper with the child.
For that the name of anything in the equal small boxes. Ask the child to read and the child will think the name of anything using one of the letters from the previous letters in boxes and will write. and then again your turn. Look at the picture to understand the whole process.  

 8.Labeling and reading labels.

Labels of the food packaging, and on the toys are in hand activity. If a child still doesn’t find interest in reading and writing read yourself loudly the labels of the items and sometimes make some toys or food items and do labeling of those things. 

  There is no end of the activities to be used in home school and preschool. You could try one of these or all. These all are very simple and easy. 
what other activities do you use? Will be great if you share your idea’s with other readers.
Please leave a comment and don’t forget to share if you find this useful in your home school.           
Adiba Anwar

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