A Beautiful combination of summer crafts with Muslim homeschooling activities and Story relating.

1st.Summer craft

   A beach house…

Beach house with free air, beautiful play ground and for a place for complete leisure.

I had made this with my two kids and they enjoyed it much… then it was sent to their nursery school and it is still there for the inspiration of other parents….. It looks so cool and a dream point view … you must try it. I bet you will always love to save it and will never throw out.

How to make go here

2nd. Summer Craft 

A plastic bottle small aquarium 

 This is a Simple bottle aquarium Made by preschool children…. Very easy to make 

free and with disposable items

How to make? go Here

3rd. Summer crafts
A Cave Made at beach

The Cave….Summer Craft ….How to keep them busy and teach other things at the beach…
It costs nothing…. no cutting, sticking, wiping the garbage of crafting…… 
Normally every one loves to go the beach for swimming and enjoying. …. and when you are with small children. You fun a little more and also need to other things besides swimming….. some people enjoy making homes and castles with sand…. and some likes to through stones in the water or collect different colors of stone.

 Go here  for full idea how and what to teach with this activity to your children

4th.Summer Crafts
A wall hanger

Very Simple wall hanger summer craft
Easy to make and good to hang out For remind-able thing
Try it and don’t forget to share your experience.

Bunch of grapes

How to make a bunch of grapes with beans and cotton  It’s a grape plant with a bunch of grapes. It was made by 5 and 6 years students under the topic of summer fruits,  motor skills, and fruits of heaven. As the teacher was teaching about the production of wine in the nursery class. And as a Muslim mother,  I felt it’s my duty to make them clear that wine is prohibited in Islam and also relate it to benefits of eating grapes and how they grow, etc. Please ignore the flaws, as this is the best attempt of six/five years boys.
    How to make ? go here

6.Summer crafts

 Bird’s Nest

 In summer all the birds make a nest and lay eggs.
For kids, it’s a fun activity to search bird nests without touching or spoiling nest. 
They will experience how the birds spaciously sparrows collects husk and sticks to make nests. And where they most like to make nests.
And after that, they lay eggs in it… And from hatching to baby birds it’s all a fun activity.
In this regard also see my post about life 
      the cycle of birds and birds mentioned in Quran
How to make this craft go here



The Best kitchen corner decor made with plastic bottles and ice cream containers cover.

Try it with your little ones at home… Supper for motor skills…and creativity….. And also best to teach them how to reuse plastic and unwanted things….

Plastic bottle craft go here for full craft-making method

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Share your experience and activities in the summer. How do you enjoy summer vacations and what strategy is best to keep kids busy in the summer holidays? Hit in the comment box. Thanks,   Adiba Anwar.

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