Healthy breakfast Ideas with Sunnah Meal/ ingredients.

Last week we had a school meeting. The agenda was full of tummy breakfast and healthy meal awareness.

muslimparenting sunaah foods.

There It was a shocking comment from the teachers of nursery classes. 
They were telling the ratio of kids coming with a complete breakfast is 2:20 and with a light breakfast is 3/5 out of 20, and the rest of the students are coming without breakfast. And they summed up that sugar and white floor is lowering the hunger and making them weak inside. That’s why children especially girls get weaker and complain about the ache in the joints and bones.
I was surprised. I know many children don’t like to eat in the morning. So many parents seem to be grateful if they are at least taking a cup of milk. So there was a campaign started in the school and the target was sending children in the school with a full tummy breakfast.
Alhamdulillah, my all children have a habit to take a complete and healthy breakfast every I’m not much worry about them. But I felt Proud of being  Muslim that we have Sunnah food in our life when teachers recommended ‘Honey’ instead of Jams and other topping ingredients. Many Mothers are in need a good recommendation and motivation of healthy breakfast for the little ones. That’s why I decided to write an article to share some tips and ideas about a complete nutritional breakfast every morning.

muslimparenting Sunnah foods.

Tip 1.

    Breakfast is the first meal of the day. We need more energy and a pleasant mood to begin a worthful day. This is the time when our body and stomach could absorb heavy meals. Make a healthy and rich meal menu for breakfast
    Here is a set of breakfast ingredients.
    1.  A brown toast topped with honey and butter, half egg and the half cup of milk.
    2. A brown Rusk with cheese or butter and yogurt.
    3. A Bowl wheat porridge with and a spoon of honey and 3dates.
    4. A Brown chapatti bread made in olive oil and a cup of yogurt.
    5. A glass of fresh juices and with the role of brown bread filled with cream and chicken.
    6. Mouselli with milk/yogurt and Banana. 
    7. Black chocolate with milk and bread.
    Muslimparenting Sunnah foods

    Tip 2.

    After a long sleep, children don’t want to eat. So give them a break of 1:30 to 2 hrs between awakening and breakfast.

    Tip 3. 

    Motivate them to eat healthy foods in the morning. Mostly girls like to look pretty and glowing and boys want to be more strong and healthy. So encourage them to eat a more and more healthy thing in the morning so that could achieve their target.

    Tip 4. 

    Change the menu often. So that they do not feed up with the same things every morning.

    Tip 5.

    Sit and do your breakfast with them and show your interest in eating more in the morning.

    Tip 6.  

    At the start, children will not be ready to eat so much in the morning. slowly and steadily they will get used to it. But you live constant and force them to take breakfast. In some days, they will change their behavior.

    Tip 7. 

    Provide a relaxed and calm atmosphere at the time of Breakfast. Don’t show the hurries, otherwise, the children will make the reason to avoid breakfast.
     In the end here is a list of Sunnah foods that are rich nutritional.

    • Dates
    • Olive/olive oil
    • Milk
    • Brown bread
    • Honey.
    • Dry fruits.
    • Meat
    • Apple Cider.
    • Pomegranate.
    • Fig
    • Watermelon.
    • Cucumber.
    • Barley
    • Water.
    • Grapes

    In holidays when the children stay at home before noon try to add more sunnah foods in their diet. 

    Note:- The foods that are not good for children are enlisted.
    1. Fast foods 
    2. White floor,
    3. Suger.
    4. Brown and fatty Chocolates 
    5. Candies, 
    6. Tetra pack juices and soft drinks.
    7. Broiler meats and eggs.
    8. Jams and artificial coloring items.

    Foods are the fuel of our body. Do not spoil the habits of children. The rest of the life of children depends on what they eat At a young age. So do not compromise with it. Good health promises a productive energetic and strong body.

    What is the favorite breakfast of your children? Share your tips and ideas with us.
    Here is a motivational video for kids of Fruits mentioned in the Quran with Playdough. I hope your kids will enjoy it.
    Here is my video of the making of fruits mentioned in the Quran with play dough. Kids love to play with playdough and make these things.

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