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Here is the “First Hadees and story of Our hadith with stories course for kids.

Hadith on Eating manners in Islam

Dear kids, Today we will learn the hadith on the Eating manner in Islam.

As always, I have a beautiful hadith and an interesting story to share with you all. 

Our hadith for today is based on the following saying:

‘None of you eats with your left hand.’

Dear kids, after reading this hadith you will learn Eating manners in Islam

What are the harmful effects of eating with your left hand and why should we avoid this habit? Let’s hear a story to find out more about this topic.

hadith on Eating manners in Islam

The story of A Hungry Boy Ali with hadith on Eating manners in Islam

The story is about a boy whose name was Ali.

Ali was a good and well-mannered child. He always behaved well and respected others. He played and studied on time. Everyone praised him! But dear kids, after some time, Ali’s habits began to change.

Now it happened that Ali started to spend more time playing games. He used to easily get distracted by his toys even while eating food. He always had something in his hand to play with. 

Dear kids, whenever Ali had to eat something, he would either take the mobile phone or have a toy in his hand to play with while eating.

As a result, he started to eat with his left hand so that he could play with his right hand. Actually,, he started to forget the hadith on eating manners in Islam.

Dear kids, do you know that a devil eats with those who eat with their left hand, and if the left hand is used for eating, the blessings of the food go into the devil’s tummy?

One day, Ali’s mother advised him not to eat with his left hand as it was a bad habit, but Ali forgot to follow it. Soon, it became his habit that he would eat with his left hand. 

But whenever he ate with his left hand, a devil took away the blessings from his food, and it would go in the devil’s tummy.

Every time Ali ate the food with his left hand, his hunger would not be satisfied, and he would feel empty. He became weak day by day. He started to consume more food but it was never enough as he had forgotten the manners of eating.

He would not wash his hands.

He would not say bismillah.

He never ate with his right hand.

And always played while eating.

The devil was really happy because he admired Ali’s bad habits. He was getting fat as he was taking all the energy from Ali’s food.

Ali could not play like he used to because he got hungry every time he went out to play. He would have to rush back home to feed himself.

Therefore, he would mostly just watch the kids playing from his window.

Dear kids, his parents became very worried about him but Ali did not listen to them and instead got angry at them every time they tried to talk to him.

He had gotten out of control now. Often he would eat his brother and sister’s share of food as well yet he would remain hungry. The story of his hunger spread everywhere. His relatives and family members could not make him satisfied no matter what food they gave him.

At last, someone suggested to his parents to visit some wise man who was Allah’s devoted servant and would cure his condition.

Ali’s parents took him as a wise, noble, and Allah’s devoted servant. He heard his problem and said,

‘Don’t worry, Ali has no problem. In Sha Allah, Ali will be alright in a few days.’

The man asked Ali to stay with him and arranged food for him. When Ali was about to eat, the man told Ali that he must obey his terms before eating the food. Ali had been hungry for a long time so he asked the wise man to tell him the terms so he could follow them.

The devoted man asked Ali to wash his hands first. Ali immediately complied.

Then he asked Ali to recite Bismillah.

Ali followed the instructions and recited Bismillah. He was going to eat when the wise man pointed out that he was about to use his left hand. 

He explained that we must always use our right hand to eat no matter how long it takes.

Ali recited bismillah……..and then started to eat with the right hand but he found it difficult as he was used to eating with the left hand. It was very uncomfortable for him but because it was a strict term that the wise man had stressed, he continued to eat with his right hand slowly. 

Dear kids, this time the devil could not get a share of his food. He waited for Ali to eat with his left hand so he could get a share of Ali’s food.

But the devoted man was sitting with Ali and he made sure that Ali did not eat with his left hand and finished his meal properly. Ali felt satisfied and full. The devil slept hungrily.

Dear kids, whenever the devoted man gave food to Ali, he ate it with his right hand.

Due to a devoted man’s wisdom, the devil went away.

Ali started to eat food according to his hunger and on time.

 Ali’s parents were thankful to the devoted man.

 Ali also promised himself that he would never change his habit of eating with his right hand.

Dear kids, you see how Ali got trapped by the devil due to his bad habits? So dear kids, always remember the manners of eating like: 

Wash hands

Reciting bismillah…….

Eating with the right hand 

Not talking while eating (or only talking about good things) 

Sitting properly 

Finishing with Alhumdulillah

Dear kids, I hope you will follow these rules. Now you have to remember this Hadith and spread this information to others also.

Stay blessed! 


See you all soon with the next Hadith.

Make your own Image of Eating manners poster and hang it in the dining room, like this.

hadith on Eating manner in Islam

The video of the story for kids.

The story and hadith on Eating manners in Islam In Urdu

Worksheet on devil eats with those who eat with their left hand

hadith on Eating manners in Islam

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A child is telling about eating manners and This story after learning this hadith.

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