Birds in Quran. This is a unit study activity for kids. How did we complete this unit study? You can read in the article, which birds are mentioned in Quran.

There are 3 birds mentioned in the Quran with names and there are several places where birds are recalled as Tayr in different verses. such as

  1. Hud-hud (Hoopoe bird): Mentioned in Surah Al-Naml, Chapter 27, Verse 20-22.
  2. Crow: Mentioned in Surah Al-Maidah, Chapter 5, Verse 31.
  3. Tayr (Birds): Mentioned in multiple Surahs, including Surah Al-Baqarah, Chapter 2, Verse 260, and Surah Al-An’am, Chapter 6, Verse 38.
  4. Al-Batta (Duck): Mentioned in Surah Al-Maida, Chapter 5, Verse 4, where it is mentioned as a permissible food for Muslims.
  5. Ababeel: Mentioned in Surah Al-fil verse no 3

How we will complete this unit study of birds mentioned in the quran stories, facts, and crafts? You can read here

As it is stated above, we are going to learn the names of birds with their stories, verses, facts, and art and craft work.

let’s start our unit study part 3. We are going to learn about 2nd bird mentioned in Quran. Let’s see

Names of the 3 birds mentioned in the Quran.

There are three birds that are mentioned in Quran. 1 Crow in the story of Adam A.S Hoope (HUDHUD) in the story of King SOLOMON and Ababeel in the story of the Elephants. here we are going to see facts of hope (hud hud) with the story of Solomon.

King Solomon and Hud Hud

The project is based on these simple and easy steps like our first story.

birds in quran
  1. Storytelling
  2. Finding the birds and Animals mentioned in that story.
  3. Facts of the mentioned birds HUDHUD(Hoopoe).
  4. Crafts of the story
  5. Benefits of the HudHud and other birds.
  6. Verses of the Quran about the benefits of birds.
  7. Lessons and important points of the story.

1. The story of King Sulemon A.S and hud hud(Read the story in Urdu)

The story of King Solomon is very much interesting and attractive as it has many magical lyrics and is divided into many small parts. In this story Ants, Fish, Hud Hud, Crow, and Jins are mentioned. 

The story of Prophet Solomon (Sulaiman in Arabic) and Hud-hud (Hoopoe bird) is mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al-Naml (Chapter 27, verses 20-28).

According to the story, Prophet Solomon was a righteous and just king who ruled over a vast kingdom with the help of Allah. One day, he noticed that Hud-hud, one of the birds in his kingdom, was missing. Prophet Solomon asked his courtiers about Hud-hud’s whereabouts, but no one knew where the bird had gone.

Then, Hud-hud returned to Prophet Solomon with some news. The bird had discovered a kingdom ruled by a queen who was worshipped by her people instead of Allah. Prophet Solomon was curious and ordered the bird to lead his army to that kingdom to investigate.

When they arrived, Prophet Solomon saw that the queen and her people were indeed worshipping idols instead of Allah. Prophet Solomon invited the queen to worship Allah instead and warned her that if she did not abandon her false beliefs, her kingdom would be destroyed by Allah.

The queen realized the truth and submitted to Allah. Prophet Solomon then asked Hud-hud why he had not brought the news of this kingdom to him before, to which the bird replied that it had traveled far and wide to bring the news to Prophet Solomon.

Prophet Solomon was pleased with the bird’s loyalty and intelligence and thanked Allah for the guidance. The story of Prophet Solomon and Hud-hud serves as a lesson about the importance of seeking knowledge and guidance from Allah, as well as the importance of remaining steadfast in one’s beliefs and worship of Allah.

2. Bird of the Story HOOPOE (HUDHUD).

 Hoopoe or hud hud is the bird on which our project was going ahead.
The bird of this story is HUDHUD which has beautiful feathers like the crown of a king at his head and a curved beak. It is revealed in the Surat al-Namal Verse no 20 that:-

‘Why do I not see the Hud Hud.’

We point out the Verses about the story from the Quran.

3. Facts about Hud Hud

  1. The word Hoopoe is their call ‘Hoo-poo’ which they repeat 4/5 times.
  2. Hud has a long beak to dig the ground to find insects and to crop trees to make nests.
  3. With beautiful and attractive colors they look and
  4. Fly like a butterfly.
  5. They sing nice songs
  6. They have two human habits.1 Male presents the insect to the female to eat as they know the women’s nature.2. Male feed the chicks for some days and later female.
  7. They can see deep into the ground, so kings in the old ages used to bring them with them on travels to find underground water.
  8. They like bad smells.
  9. Hud Hud Doo Migrations.
  10. They like to take a sunbath and dust/sandbath. 

4. The crafts of the story.

As I mentioned above this story is consists of many short parts and has more things to work on. So we made many crafts for the story. So we decided to make the nest of the hud which is a unique and different nest from all other birds. We tried to make the nest in many ways. Kids were trying to make the same nest as Hud Hud by making the whole in a small log. We got three logs and nails and hammers to drag a hole. All three kids tried for two days but it was a hard thing so they ended up with a paper craft(milk pack)

free Islamic stories for children. Crafts and creative work.
birds in quran
free Islamic stories for children. Crafts and creative work.

5. Benefits of Hud Hud.

Like other animals, insects, and birds’ HudHud'(Hoopoe) are also created for the benefit of all humans kinds. 

 Muslim children Must know that Hud Hud is not a useless bird. It has its importance as a bird. We could learn:-

  1. Emotional attachment and love and care with family.
  2. Importance of observing every thing.Importance of knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Loyalty towards our master.
  4. They add beauty to nature.
  5. Hard work to make beautiful homes.
  6. The bird Hud Hud is a source of information. It is a humble creation of Allah. 

6. Verses of the Quran about birds and benefits.

Allah created this nature for mankind so we could get benefits from the birds and other things around us with a little wisdom.

Follow these (verses)Ayats for reference of benefits and facts of animals, birds, and Insects. 

  • Al-Quran….surat-ul-Nakhal, 5-7, 66,68-69, 79,80,115).
  • Emotional attachment.  (Similarity between Humans and animals, They teach us to show love and kindness towards other humans.)(..Al-Quran, Al-Alnaam-38)

7. Discussion:- Important points of the story.

Keen insight on wrong things happening around us and trying to overcome these wrong things like Hud Hud is a supper skill for kids.
King Suleman was a great king and a noble messenger of Allah. He got all the power Knowledge and wisdom from Allah after this supplication.

You must introduce this bird to your kids. Bring them close to the beauty of nature. Quran and nature is the best source of connecting kids with Allah.
Did you enjoy this journey of Our second story of Three birds three stories of the Quran,
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