My New Friend 
A Big Yellow Sunflower 
By: Adiba Anwar 
I Love sunflower.

So, I planted some seeds of sunflower and watered it. And now I was anxiously waiting when a little baby plant of sunflower will grow. 
After 20 days it grew up and I was much happy. 
I use to go to see and water it daily. It was growing slowly and became much bigger. 
Now it is a tall big plant and I am very happy because it is very beautiful. 
A big yellow sunflower also blooming on it now. 
As a sunny day and it is very hot outside. 
I spread some sheets upon it to escape it from hot weather. 
But my mom told me that plants do not like plastic sheets or covers upon them. 
She told me that plants need water and soil to grow well. 
Plants need fresh air and sunlight too. 
They can’t grow without 
1.Soil to get energy
4. Fresh air 
She gave me a little more information about the sunflower. 
Sunflower’s scientific name is “Helianthus”  Helia‘ mean ‘sun’ and ‘thus‘ means ‘flower’. 
Plants are very good friends of ours. They give us foods. They give us fresh atmosphere and oxygen.  
They also make us happy with beautiful colors and fragrant. 
 At the morning I love to see it spreading its petals. During the day sunflower tracks the sun from east to west. 
It sleeps when the sun goes down. 
I’m very happy with my new friend. 
A story for kids by Adiba Anwar. 
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