“Good Company: Hadith and Stories on Choosing Righteous Friends”

Companions in Cave


My dear children, in a hadith our Prophet SAW said that make good friends because you will be with your friends in the hereafter. So if you will make good friends they will increase your good deeds and you will go to Jannah, but if you will make bad friends then they will lead you to hellfire.

 Everyone likes to spend more time with the one they love, make new friends and spend more and more time with their friends to play and have fun. We should be very careful in choosing our friends as not everyone can be good friends. Our all-class fellows and our neighbors could not be our best friends.

We should make good friends because we will learn many good things from them. However, a bad friend can ruin our good habits. Good friends are those who teach us good things, forbid us from bad things, and help us in any trouble.  If we have good friends in this world, Allah will provide us with the company of our good friends in Jannah in sha Allah. 

Our prophet SAW was the best man in this world and he had many good and nice friends. All of his companions were very true believers and they helped our Prophet in every moment of life. 

Among the companions Hazarat Abu Baker Sadiq RA was the best fellow. He loved the Prophet SAW a lot and was with him in every hardship of life. He was his friend before Islam and he was also the first Muslim. 

When Our prophet SAW called people to accept Islam, everyone in Makkah became the enemy of Muhammad SAW. Many people disobeyed him and made many troubles in his way. Abu Bakar RA stood beside him to support him.

Abu Bakar  RA was very wealthy, he had a very good business and he donated all his wealth and time for His friend and Allah.

His best sacrifice was on the Day of Hijra. Disbelievers of Makkah became the worst enemy of Our Prophet and they decided to kill our Prophet SAW. So by the order of Allah, Prophet SAW decided to go to Madina. Abu Bakr RA was with him during this journey and Abu Bakr RA saved him from Makkans.

Abu Baker brought two camels and they left Makkah during the night. They took shelter in a cave. The name of this cave is Thaur (saoor) . The cave was closed for many years. It was so dirty and scary. Abu Baker cleaned the cave himself. There were many holes in the cave in which there were many harmful insects. Abu Baker RA took some pieces from his shirt and closed the holes before entering the cave.

The Makkan followed them and reached there. Makkans were standing outside the cave where they were hiding but Allah saved His servants. Allah sent a dove there and that dove sat in her nest and started to lay eggs. Then a spider started to make a web. The door of the cave was now closed with the web. Disbelievers thought that no one could be here in this dirty and closed cave and so they left. 

Both friends were saved and they decided to take some rest in the cave. 

  Abu Baker asked his best friend to have some rest. So Our Prophet SAW put his head into his lap and laid down. Suddenly a Scorpio appeared there.

Abu Baker decided not to disturb His Friend and put his hand on that Scorpio. That Scorpio kept biting Abu Baker RA. It was very painful and hard to bear and his eyes started to weep. When the pain was unbearable, one drop from his eyes dropped on the Prophet SAW. The Holy Prophet woke up and looked at him. Abu Baker’s RA hand was wounded and there were many bites of that scorpion. He was worried. 

He asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Abu Baker replied, “I didn’t want to disturb you.” 

The Holy Prophet SAW applied his spit onto the wounds and the pain was decreased. Abu Baker was happy that he provided comfort to his friend.

It is a real example of friendship. This is sincerity. 

They were with each other in every trial and step of life.

And after death, their graves are also in the same place. And with the blessing of Allah they will be with each other in Jannah. In sha Allah.

If we want to be with Holy Prophet SAW in Jannah we should love him and follow His Sunnah. We should choose the best ones as friends. We should share good things with our friends and bring them towards deen.

This is true love. This is a true companionship to save each other from hellfire.

In sha Allah.

I hope you will share this story with your friends. So that they can also be your best friends. 

Ya Rub, Provide us, with good friends. Ameen.

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