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Dear kids,
Today our Hadith is about grudges (ill feeling of resentment)
Dear kids, keeping a grudge is also a bad habit just like anger and jealousy. I hope that you try to control it.
In Sha Allah, today we will learn about grudges and then we will learn how to get rid of it also. 
Let’s begin with the Hadith first.
Our Prophet (PBHU) said,
‘Don’t keep grudges against each other.’ 
Dear kids, the story related to our hadith for today is about: 
An elephant and a lion.
Dear kids, holding a grudge is a very bad disease, which can harm us greatly. Keeping a grudge not only means that we feel hate and jealousy in our heart for someone but that we also try to harm them and act on those ill feelings. Sometimes it happens that we do something bad for others but get caught in it ourselves. Consequently, we waste our precious time and energy. The same happens with the elephant in our story. Let us find out how.
Dear kids,
 one upon a time there was an elephant and a lion in a forest(jungle).
The lion was the emperor of the forest. The elephant had a grudge against the lion because the lion gave orders to all other animals of the forest. The elephant did not like it. He wanted the lion to get out from the forest but he could not do so, as the lion was emperor of the forest and also very powerful.
One day, the elephant thought of a trick to trap the lion as he had been unable to get rid of him earlier. 
He started to dig a big hole on the path where the lion used to walk around every day, so that the lion would fall in and would not be able to come out.
The elephant dug a big hole with his long beak and put narrow sticks of wood and leaves on top of the hole so that the lion would not be able to see the hole. After that, the elephant went and sat on one side of that path to wait for the lion to come and fall in his trap.
But dear kids, that day the lion went away from the forest to do some work so he did not go for his usual daily walk. The same happened for the next few days.
The elephant got disappointed but after a few days, he forgot about that hole himself.
Dear kids, later when the elephant passed along that path, he fell down into the hole himself. He started to cry loudly.
No animal could help a big elephant to come out from such a deep hole. Now he started to regret his decision of digging that hole. If he had not dug it in the first place, he would not have fallen in it. But he could not do anything now!
Then it happened that the lion came that way and saw the elephant trapped. He advised all the animals to get together to fill the hole with mud. He explained that when that hole would be filled completely, the elephant would be able to come out.
Dear kids, all the animals started to follow the lion’s instructions and soon the elephant found his way out.
Dear kids, as you can see from the story that keeping a grudge got the elephant trapped into big trouble.
So we should also try not to keep a grudge against any friend or neighbour or brother or sister, and furthermore, never try to harm anyone.
Dear kids, Allah teaches us to love all humans.
Dears kids, always try to protect yourselves from grudges, jealousy and anger.
Now you have to learn this lesson well, try to remember it and also tell this story to your parents or grandparents and other family members.

You can watch or read this story in English as well in Stories for children section or Search as Hadith no 5 story in English

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