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Lesson no 10

Hadith no Sahih Muslim 2593

Topic of the Hadith is “Kindness”

Story “Kindness of Subuktigin”

Hadith’s introduction and explanation

Dear kids, Kindness is one of Allah’s attributions. Allah is very kind to his Creations. And he also wants to show kindness toward everyone even animals and insects.

The prophet of Allah, Muhammad SAW was the kindest man on this earth. He never hurt anyone. And he advised us to live kindly. So we may see many stories in Islam where Muslims seem to be very kind to Allah’s creation.

Today we will listen to a great story of kindness.


Story-Graet King Subuktigin

Sabuktigin was a slave in his youth and later he Married the daughter of His master Alptgin. It is the time when he was a slave.

hadith with story

Once he went hunting for his master. He wandered for a whole day but could not hunt. When he was on his way back, He found a Fawn(The baby of a deer) near a lake.

He was happy, Finally, he got something. He ran and caught the fawn and pulled him up. Fawn was very small and nice. He did not resist. He kept the fawn at the back of his horse and started his ride. 

It was going to be dark very soon so he rode faster to reach his destination. After some time he saw a deer when he turned back. He thought this fawn is enough for me. I should not try to hunt deer. He continued his journey. After a while he noticed, the deer was still coming back to him.

Then he noticed a deer was following him. He could understand why the deer was following him. Why she is putting herself in danger? What she wants from me. He was in deep thinking, He gazed at him. He noticed there was something in the eyes of Deer. her eyes seem to be worried, tearful, and appealing to him.

His mind sparked and he thought, is it mother deer? He thought.

Ohhh she is, yes she must be a mother. Only a mother can put herself in danger.

How could I be so cruel? I should not separate them. 

He thought and freed the Fawn. she ran faster and reached his mother, They were hugging each other. Mother was kind and the fawn was happy. He Stayed there for a while and felt the love moments. Then he rode and turned around to have a last look at that emotional scene.

The deer’s eyes thanked him. They were grateful to him. He was satisfied that the deer was happy. He had nothing that day, But he got great satisfaction from his act of kindness. 

That night when he slept he had a dream. That deer was saying to him,’ You are a noble man, one day you will be the king.

After many years, his dream came true. And he became the King of Ghazni after some years.

His good deeds and kindness returned to him in this way.

My dear children, we should also be always happy, content, and kind towards everyone. 

Now you must write this hadith into your Book and learn it well.

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