Charity in Islam important topic and it is revealed many times in many Hadith and verses of the Quran. This Hadith persuaded us to give charity so that we could guard ourselves against the hellfire. In daily life, we may commit many mistakes and sins knowingly or unknowingly. And Our charity is the best form to vaporize our sins. Charity is also called SADQA.

Charity in Islam

My dear student, we must  know what is the best charity in Islam. Allah’s Prophet guided us in this case that we may give very little things in charity. In another hadith, he said that picking a throne from the footpath is also a Sadqa. So we may not fear if we have nothing, we can give a good smile to others to get Ajer on that. To share personal things with others is a hard job. But if you practice and overcome your greed and selfishness you may donate anything any time for the sake of Allah.

Once our Prophet said’ the best charity is food.’ So we should also do to share our lunch box, our daily eatable things as well And if any time shytan try to misguide you and increase your greed remember this story of one of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW Hazrat Abu Talha RA. He was one of the great men.

Story of Best charity in Islam Abu Talha’s Guest

Once a guest visited Abu Talha RA in the night when there was very little food in his home. He asked his wife to extinguish the candlelight when they were eating so that the guest would think they were also eating. This is how they slept hungry that night. And Allah told his Prophet about this incident through a revelation.

The hospitality presented to a guest by two companions from the Ansar (Muslims of Madina) – Abu Talha and his wife (ra)- provides a beautiful example best charity in Islam

A hungry man once approached the Prophet (PBUH) . The Prophet (PBUH) asked his wives if they had anything to feed the hungry guest.  Each replied that they had nothing except water. The Prophet (PBUH) then asked his companion Abu Talha and Abu Talha welcomed the guest to his home.

When he asked his wife if they had anything for the guest, the wife replied that they had very little only for the children. Abu Talha (RA) instructed his wife to bring the food, light the lamp and put the children to sleep . When they sat down for dinner, Umm Sulaym (RA) got up and, pretending to fix the lamp, extinguished it.

As the guest ate his meal, the couple pretended that they were eating as well. However, they had not touched the food, it was not enough.

The following day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave them the great news that Allah had revealed a verse about them and their generosity:

Dear students, I hope now you will never hesitate to share your lunch or your toys with your friends and even with other children. 

May Allah keep all Muslims away from Naar.(Fire)

Let’s recite once.

Allah huma Ajirna minan naar.

Now please write this hadith into your Hadith book and send me a picture.

Share this hadith and stories with your grandparents and your friends.


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Charity in Islam

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