The method of Five prayers in a day for Muslim children. Its Fraz to start to teach Salah to a child when he turns 7 years old. And its obligatory for a child to offer Prayers 5 times in a day when he turns 9 yrs.

So its duty of parents and teachers to Teach them all obligatory and sunnah parts of Salah. Here in this post we will get a deep study of all Aspects of prayer from Taharat to Azkaar after prayers. It contains various activities about all chapters of Salah.

Tahara(Purity) And Cleanliness

It is very Important to teach our kids about what is Tahara /Purity Islamically. Alhamdolilah we do train then to live clean and manners for the purpose of hygein. But mostly that hygienic methods do not meat with our Islamic purity rules. So we will do two chapters About Taharat. And I added some toilet using rules and duas of Toilet and purity. And to get purity we also need to use pure water. So what are the conditions of pure water are also added into this chapter.

Method Of Wudu

After getting tahara /purity , the second step is wudu. So method of Wudu needed to be taught with different activities according to the age of children. As our class has students from age 8 to 14 yr, So we used different worksheets and activities showed in pictures

Tasmia, Surah Fatiha and Salah with


In this this step we teach the Translation of Tasmia and SUrah Fatiha. So that children could understand what they are reciting in the prayer. Surah Fatiha and Tasmia Translation with tafseer has a different post. Where it is taught with a very detailed tafseer and various activities. Here some pictures which shows how we do work on it. To see detailed tafseer of this surah visit this link.

Conditions of Salah

Now its time to start Salah to children. We need to teach our children what are the conditions of salah. And these conditions are well explained in this chapters and exercise. Then the mind map was made by kids as a revision so that they can understand this topic well.

Obligatory Acts of Salah

This is the very important part of the Salah. We had discussion after reading this chapter. All the aspects of the chapter were well explained and then exercise was done.

Sunnah Act of Salalah

Some acts in Prayer are Sunnah acts. These acts are also needed to be taught. We need to tell our children, we love our Prophet SW and we do follow him in every aspect of life as well as Prayer. So here are some pictures about this chapter.

Pillers Of Salah

So now pillers of the Salah were told to them. We do practical acts as well as we use some worksheets and activities for this chapter. See some pictures. All the steps and pillers of Salah were explained with meanings as well. So that children could understand what they are saying.

Azkaar After Salah

After offering salaah there are some short and easy azkaars which children needed to be taught. Its not needed , every time they do recite these azkaars. But we can motivate them. so that in there free hrs they can read some of it. So here are some notes of students as well in the pictures

Excellency of Salah

Stories About Salaah

In these intervals, time b time some stories was being told to the students. Which could keep their interest in the lectures . These inspiring stories also engage children in different activities and children gets deep interest in learning all things.

These are the notes and activities , that were done in our online group classes for muslim children. Classes available for all time zones . Our fee is very low.

Tafseer for other Surahs

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Enrolments Available

Tafseer for kids group class are available online for all time zones. Recommended age for the class tafseer for kids is 9+. These classes are available in English and Urdu. If you want to enrol your child in our classes contact us via.
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