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Story No 20 About the best Virtue in Islam

AslamoAlikum my dear children!! How are you?

I hope All of you are doing your best with the grace of Allah SWT and trying your best to learn and follow the Seerah of our Prophet SA

My dear students our today’s hadith is also one of the best Hadiths and its story is also very interesting. So let’s start from Hadith with a story about the best virtue in Islam.

Hadith no 20 The best virtue

This hadith explains that every virtue has worth and we should not leave small virtues and waste our time finding big virtues.  Every single good deed is worth it for us. I know all children want to do good deeds, but they don’t know how and when they can collect big ajer on them. Do you know our prophet SAW said that … ‘ if you remove any hurdle from the path so that someone would not hurt from it,  or smile at your parents to make them happy., it is also a virtue.

Story of Abdulla Ibne ume Makdoom RA

Hadith Classes Online

Today I want to tell you a story of A very virtual Sahabi, Abdulla Ibne ume Makdoom RA. He was a very nice and lovely Sahabi. He was blind He was very eager to do good deeds for Ajer. He was also very eager to learn knowledge. 

Once our prophet SAW was busy preaching to non-Muslims. There were very big Sardars(chiefs of Quraish) in the meeting. Right at that time, Abdullah Ibn Makhdoom asked a question to Our Nabi SAW. Nabi Saw was busy so he ignored him and turned his side toward Non-Muslim. 

Allah knows the best. Allah knows who is keen to learn and who is sitting with a bad heart in that meeting. Allah didn’t like to ignore the Sahabi. He loved Abdulla Ibne Makhdoom RA, so to show His love, Allah revealed a Surah for him that was, Surah A’BA’SA’. 

After that Our nabi started to love more to Abdullah more. Because now he realized that Allah loved Abdullah and he really has a good rank in sahabah.

My dear children, after this It was time for the Bader fight. Allah revealed that who will go for this fight will have more ajer rather than who will sit at home.

Abdullah Ibne Makhdoon RA wished he could attend this fight. But he was not allowed. Because he was blind. Hence, Allah again revealed verses that  Handicaps and children and women will not be forced to attend this fight. But Abdullah was insisting. Nabi SAW asked him. 

‘Abdullah what will you do there? You would not be able to see the enemy and can’t fight.’

 But he was not ready to leave this virtue.

He replied:

‘I will hold the flag of Islam. And would not let it fall Hence I will die. 

‘Yes, I can do this. Nabi SAW smiled but didn’t allow him.

He was very sad. But in another battle, that was called Qadisia. He got this opportunity. He was happy. He got ready for the battle. He was holding the Flag of Islam. Finally, he was killed and got shahada. 

Dear children you can see, he was blind, but he didn’t let this weakness leave any virtue. 

He tried and tried to do virtues. 

Allah was happy with him. 

In sha Allah , we will try to gather good deeds like this sahabi. 

To earn more virtues, We will smile, be happy, share our things with others, we will learn knowledge, and gather a lot of virtues to get Jannah in sha Allah.

Activity After learning this Hadith and story.

Please write this hadith and share it with your grandparents, friends, and other people around you.

Don’t forget to make a video of your own story about any virtue and send us. AssalamuAlaikum

This Story wrote in Urdu

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