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Dear kids our today’s Hadith is about jealousy. 

Our Prophet (PBUH) said:

“do not be jealous of one another. “

Dear kids, as you can understand from the topic that this Hadith is about jealousy.

It is not a good act and a very bad feeling so we should leave it.

Dear kids, the name of this feeling is jealousy.

It means if we see something good in others, we do not get happy to see it , 

but we wish that they may lose that thing.

Due to this kind of negative nature, a person can never be happy in any situation, even for those blessings that they already have. Such a person always feels jealousy in his heart.

Dear kids, to understand this feeling well, let’s hear a story of a hen, a dog and a horse.

Once upon a time, there was a hen in the house of a man. It’s name was KATOO BEGUM.

People of that house took very good care of her, they made her a separate room, they fed her in the morning and evening and also gave her fresh water daily. All day katoo begum walked around the house happily, where she laid one egg daily.

 One day, her eggs hatched and she had little chicks of her own. Katoo begum started to feel  more proud walking around the house with her wings spread out. Since the people of the house took such good care of her and her kids, she got their full attention.

After a few days the owner of the house brought a dog with him, who was called PAPU.

The man tied the papu near the gate and also prepared a small room for him.

The people of the house started to take care of papu also, they fed him and gave him water on time, but katoo begum did not like it. She started to get jealous of papu.

She thought that since she was the only pet in the house earlier, she could walk around the house carefree and used to get full attention of the household.

Now that Papu had come, she could not do much. She started to get jealous all day and sat on one side in an unhappy mood. After a few days when the owner came back home at night, he had a horse with him. The name of the horse was Chandu. It was a beautiful horse, but katoo begum did not like chandu either.

Now the owner of the house started to bring food for chandu as well. He cleaned chandu in the morning, tied him with the cart and went to work.

When he came back in the evening, again he cleaned the chandu and took him outside to make him relax on the sand.

Katoo begum observed this and felt that all of the owner’s attention was diverted towards Chandu. He spent more time with chandu. Katoo begum was now even more jealous of chandu than she had been of Papu. She felt as if papu was not enough, that they had to bring chandu als well. She started to stay more quiet and kept herself to her room mostly. The people of the house were taking care of her as usual as they were doing before, but katoo begum did not like it and wished that both of them would go away from the house. 

One day, all the people of the house went outside. Only katoo begum and papu were at home. Katoo begum was giving food to her kids and her kids were eating and running around freely here and there in the house. Katoo begum did not know that a cat was sitting on the wall preying on her chicks. Suddenly the cat jumped from the wall and was just about to pounce at  the kids, when papu, who was watching all this from a distance, started to bark at once and ran towards the cat. The cat ran away in fright. Katoo begum gathered all her kids and took them to her room. She was too scared to stay out. She kept thinking about what would have happened if Papu had not been there. The cat would have eaten all of her kids! Afterwards, whenever she saw Papu, she used to admire him thinking how useful it was to have him around. Next day, when katoo begum came out from her room she had less hate hate and jealousy in her heart for papu, but still she felt that chandu was useless. It still bothered her that her owner took chandu out the whole day but not her.

Dear kids, one day chandu became very ill. Due to that, the owner could not take the cart to work for many days and thus could not earn money. Since he was short of money now, he could not buy food for chandu, katoo begum or papu. He became very sad and thought of selling the chicks to get money. Katoo begum became very sad at the thought of losing her kids. She realized Chandu’s importance and started to pray for his recovery so that her kids would be spared. Her prayers were accepted by Allah and Chandu recovered. Katoo begum’s kids were safe now. The owner started to take chandu to work again, and started to bring food for Katoo begum and her kids.

Now Katoo begum realized it very well that in this world nothing is useless and that everything has its own value. If she gave one egg daily to the owner, Chandu also worked hard to help the owner to earn money and Papu provided safety. She got rid of her ill feelings of jealousy and made a promise with herself that she would not be jealous of anyone. 

Dear kids, we should also not be jealous of anyone and keep our hearts clean!

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