Habeel And Qabil” is A short story for kids to overcome anger and jealousy with worksheets and the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Short story for kids

Habeel and Qabil

short story for kids
In Islam to get angry is haraam and anger comes from the devil.
The devil makes us angry person so that we do bad things which Allah (SWT) does not like and we can not enter into Jannah.
Dear kids today I will tell u a story of anger which is about the sons of Hazrat Adam A.S
Hazrat Adam A.S had two son’s Habeel and Qabeel.
They lived with love in childhood, but as they grew up they appeared opposite personalities.
Habeel loved to sacrifice in the way of Allah. He lived his life in a kind way by nature.
On the other hand, Qabeel was lazy, jealous, and discontent. He never spared the time to thank Allah .he always blamed others but not himself.
As the devil was making him hate his brother and other people. Qabeel thought that his father Hazrat Adam (A.S) do not love him, and loved Habeel more so Qabeel get jealous of Habeel.
Once both brothers were doing work on the edge of a large stone, suddenly Qabeel slipped from the stone, Habeel holds him before falling down and saved the life of Qabeel.
After this incident, Qabeel’s s hate and anger for Habeel decreased to some extent.
But soon the devil again started to make him angry and jealous of his brother, and now Qabeel becomes angrier and started to demand unfair things.
Then the time came to choose a Khalifa. Hazrat Adam A.S’s choose Habeel to become Khalifa by the order of Allah, but Qabeel got angry and demanded to become Khalifa and Had a fight with Habeel, then Allah SWT asked them to sacrifice their favorite thing in the way of Allah, one with the best sacrifice will become Khalifa.
As Habeel was a caretaker of animals so he sacrificed a very beautiful, healthy cow.
Qabeel was a farmer, he took rotten crops and fruits in a basket to sacrifice,
When they both put their sacrifice in an open area and came back, A light came from the sky and took Habeel’s s sacrifice. And Qabeel’s s sacrifice remained there as it is because Allah SWT did not like them.
It was Allah’s decision but Qabeel did not accept it and his hate for Habeel increased more, he started to tease him more and one day he asked his father I will marry the girl with whom Habeel is going to get married, his father refused and said ‘as she is your sister you can not marry her’.
Qabeel becomes angry and killed his brother Habeel.
Dear kids it was the first murder of any human on earth, so Qabeel did not know where to hide his brother, then he saw a crow digging another crow into the mud.
So he also buried his brother in the mud.
After it, Qabeel was regretful of it and thought that this crow is better than him. He loves his brother more and knows how to treat him after death, but now it was useless to regret, he could not become Khalifa nor get married to that girl.
Dear kids May we lose our loved ones when we get angry like Qabeel.
So let’s make a promise that we will act upon today’s Hadith of the prophet(PBUH), do not get angry.

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This story is being written to teach a Hadith about anger. Prophet Muhammad SAW said

‘Dont get angery”

Prophet (PBUH) said that recite ‘Ta’awwuz’ and perform wudu when we get angry so that we can not follow the path of the devil. Practice to overcome anger, we have prepared this worksheet. Do you find this hadith, shorts tory for kids, and worksheet helpful? Please leave your comment below.


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