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The story no 15

Lesson no 16

The topic : Salah of Nabi SAW

Story Qibla was changed.


Prayer of Nabi SAW

  This Hadith is about prayer and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW. All of us know, When we offer our prayers, we need to follow all the Sunnah and methods of Our Nabi. We can’t add anything from it and We can’t leave any step.

The Story of Changing the Qiblah

The story of this Hadith is about the time of changing the Qibla Awal. When after the migration from Makkah to Medina Qibla was changed. It was a big trial for Muhammad SAW and for His companions as well. But the true believers followed him and never argued for that.


When Islam was revealed in Makkah,  the Kabah was the Qiblah in which direction Muslims used to offer Prayer. Kaaba was built by Prophet Ibraheem and His son. And it is the oldest and first house of Allah.

Once Holy Prophet BBUH  was ordered by Allah to turn towards Jerusalem to Pray.

Muslims complied with this divine instruction and continued to do so. all the companions of the Holy Prophet obeyed the instructions and never raised any objection or argument. 

 In Madinah, there was a big number of Jews. Jews were used to doing their holy rituals in the direction of Bait-ul-Maqdas( Jerusalem). Bait-ul-Maqdas was built by Prophet Sulemon and also the House of Allah. 

My dear students,  

This was just to Make Jews understand that Islam is not a different religion. It was the religion of Prophet Mosa and all other Prophets. And Muslims also have a firm belief in all prophets and books. 

Prophet PBUH tried his best to lead Jews so that Jews may accept Islam. But they didn’t. Just a few Jews believed in and accepted Islam. Others became enemies of Islam and the holy Prophet PBUH. They started to create hurdles and hidden plans against Muslims. 

After 17 months, Allah ordered Muslims to change their direction and pray towards Kabah.

Dear children1

 This was the time of Asr’s prayer. All Muslims were offering their prayer following Muhammad SAW.  In the meantime, The order of Allah was revealed to Prophet, Turn your sides towards Holy Kabah. So Prophet PUH turned back and changed direction.

All companions of Our Prophet started to move and go back to the Holy Prophet PBUH in a moment. 

No question was raised. Any Sahabi doesn’t ever argue or refused to turn back. This is the teaching of Islam And the key point for us is that we should accept all the orders of Allah and his Prophet without any argument.

No complaining, no arguments. Just obey and follow Sunnah and Quran.

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May Allah make it easy for you.

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