One of my Reader asked me ‘Are there any curriculum that teaches the Seerah using themes rather than in chronological order? This would be for elementary level children.”

In this regard, I help her with some things which I usually do with my kids. I love to teach them in Six-ways,

  1. Crafts
  2. Drawing
  3. Plays/Games
  4. Videos
  5. Reading/writing
  6. Practice/Acting

 The most popular and traditional source is Reading and writing. But it could not help kids of all learning types and also to young learners.
Here today I will tell you how I taught ‘six rights of a Muslim towards others’ through play/game to two of my kids.
A Muslim has five rights towards others. Those are:-

    Homeschool activities.Sis rights of a Muslim

  1. Giving Regards when met each other(Aslamo- Alaikum, WaAlikumSlam)
  2. Answer him/Her when he sneezes and says Alhamdolilah(YerhamokAllah)
  3. Accept his invitation of dining with him.
  4. Visit him when he is ill.
  5. When he seeks to advise, advise him.
  6. Offer his funeral prayer.

We had played this game in two parts. 

Part 1 Planning of a party and invitation.

For this game we need 

  • Two or more than two children. (siblings/friends)
  • For hosting:- A light party food arrangement(snacks, pasta, candies, biscuits, fruits or something light to serve) and the making of an invitation card or a toy phone to invite a guest.
  • Preparing a house/camp or table and chairs.
  • A card, a flower bouquet or any chocolate, etc to bring for the host as a gift.

 So from this game will start and host child will prepare all things himself. And late he/she will invite his guest others will accept.

When guest will arrive and they will greet each other saying Aslamo -o-Alikum and the guest will say WaAlikum slam Wa Rahmatullah (It is Hadith…When someone will greats you return him as like that or more). It’s Sunnah that who will come from outside will greets first.

Guest will present gift and Host will accept saying, Jazak Allah.

And then they will sit and talk and serve food, and play games whatever they will like to do and how much time they would like to play.( Children will be followed manners of eating:
washing hands
Bismillah and dua before to eat and after.

Muslim payers for eating food, Homeschool activities.

And the use of right side to serve food and right hand to eat.
And after eating Dua of the Barakah for the Host.Dua for the Host, Homeschool activities.
During this kids could also be asked to sneeze and say ALhamdoLilah And other will reply as YerhamoKallah.
And later they will leave each other and say again greetings like the slam or Allah Hafiz etc.So in this first game, they will cover first three Rights of a Muslim brother.

In this game, kids will learn, 

  • How to give invitation(calling a making of an invitation card)
  • Offering regards(Aslam -o- Alikum/WaAlikumSlam)
  • Host children will do Party management(menu planning Preparing foods, sitting location and Home Decoration.
  • Prayers and manners of eating and visiting others.

Right down to us if you also play games to teach kids about Islam and Seerah.
Do you like this game and think it is worth playing and could help your children to teach many things? If there is any more simple step to teach? 
Part two will be in next article.
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