My Pet           

  A Lovely Ladybug 

            Yeah It’s spring. 
Many beautiful flowers, bugs, bees, Butterflies,
Colors and sweet smell is everywhere. 
Ohhh what a beautiful lady bug. 
I want to keep it with me all day long.  
I and my brother caught that ladybug and keep it in the Jar. 
She was trying, again and again, to climb out of jaar till afternoon. 
 Ahh  It’s evening now and she looks a little sad. 
She was no more climbing and looking happy with us. 
We noticed she had eaten nothing from morning. 
Them mom told us, this is why she too likes flowers. 
She wants to fly around and around and sing the spring songs. 
She must be missing her friends and home. 
Then We took the jaar out and free him in the garden. 
She flew away and lost in the flowers. 
At night I dream that I and my brother are flying in the air.  
And My lovely ladybug was singing songs and enjoying with us. 
 by (Adiba Anwar)
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