Hadees 19 About Sunnah Nabi SAW.

Sunnah nabi saw
Intro Duction of the Hadith Sunnah Nabi SAW
Story of Hydaybiya treaty about Sunnah Nabi SAW

It is our utmost duty to follow the Sunnah Nabi SAW. In the light of this Hadith, we are going to read the story of the treaty of Hudaybiyah. The companions of Nabi SAW set a good example for all of us to follow the Sunnah Nabi SAW. They could not bear a little delay in the following Sunnah. So after listening to this story we will always follow the Sunnah of our Prophet in every work,

So our today’s Topic of this hadith is Sunnah Naboi SAW. The method of teaching this hadith with story and all other resources and videos is In this post .

Treaty of Hudaybiyah Story in English and the Companions’ Devotion to follow Sunnha Nabi SAW

Dear kids, when Kabah was in custody of idol worshipers in Makkah. The Muslims longed to see what for them was the House of God. The Prophet SAW declared that he would visit Makkah to perform Umra or the Lesser Pilgrimage – unarmed but with his followers. With this intent, he left Medina with his Sahaba. They had taken camels and other animals for sacrifice.

When this caravan of pilgrims reached the outskirts of Makkah, the Prophet was informed that the idolaters would not allow him to enter the city and that they would use force to prevent him from doing so. This report caused great agitation among the Muslims. They halted near a well in a place called Hudaybiyya in the north of Makkah.

The Prophet sent a message to the Quraysh that he wished only to make the customary seven circuits of the Kaaba, sacrifice the animals, and then return to Medina, with his Sahabah. The Quraysh did not agree. Many other messages were sent but the Quraysh said that they would not admit the Muslims into Makkah.

Finally, they agreed to offer a treaty to Muslims. Dear kids this treaty seemed to be totally against muslims , but our Prophet accepted it.

According to this treaty Muslims will go back and come next year to offer their Haj. Prophet SAW ordered sahabah to cut their hair and sacrifice their animals at that camping place in Hudaibiya as Allah had accepted their Umera. But Sahabah were not ready to do this. They want to go to Makkah. 

So when our Prophet noticed no one was ready to perform rituals of Umera here, he was upset. He entered His camp and sat. But Our prophet’s wife suggested him to cut his hair and do his sacrifice first so that Sahabah would also follow him. As it never happened that sahaba would not follow the Sunnah of Nabi.

So as soon as Our Nabi SAW started to perform rituals, Sahabah felt guilt. They hurried to follow the sunnah Nabi SAW and Umera was done.

So my dear kids, you can see hence sahabah were not agreed to return back, but they never said no to follow Sunnah.

.Sunnah is a lifestyle and a theory of a healthy society. Our days and nights, our dines and dresses, our parties and our gathering everything should be according to Sunnah. But I’m afraid to say that just 50 % of people have good knowledge of Sunnah Nabi SAW but they also are not practicing them wholeheartedly and the other 50% even don’t know how the life of our Prophet SAW. 

Lets make and intention that we will also try to learn sunnah Nabi SAW and follow

all of them.

Do share hadith about Sunnah Nbai SAW with others and write in to your hadith book.

In sha Allah, Allah will accept from all of us. 

Video of Sotry Sunnah Nabi SAW and treaty of Hudaybiya

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Sunnah Nabi SAW

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