monarch butterfly life cycle

Buttflies looks so pretty and colors of them attracts to catch and feel in our hands.

Making of Monarch butterfly life cycle is a very interesting and fun activity to do kids at home while homeschooling or in holidays. I had done it with mine too and it was sure was great fun to make and also many interesting and new things enclosed to me while searching and working on it. And also a live video how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly was great admiration for creations of Allah Almighty. My children always take much interest in bugs bees, flying insects as well crawlingAlhamdo Lilah living close to nature they also got opportunities to observe insects and their curious minds blows with every single new thing they observe. And also two years of early education in school, their teacher also did a lot of work on facts of nature and things around. And one day when school tripe was happened to go to the natural history museum in Greece, a big collection of colorful butterflies and all-natural world inspired me and my kids to do something about that. And then we started to find facts, learned biological facts and made this simple and easy monarch butterfly life cycle.

Monarch Butterfly life cycle

The life cycle of a butterfly starts from laying the egg. It goes through four stages

1. Eggs

2. caterpillar

3. chrysalis 

4. Butterfly

A butterfly lays eggs on the leaf and then after some days a caterpillar comes out of an egg…. and after some days when it grows a little more,  it turns into a chrysalis and lastly, it becomes a butterfly.

Things we need to make a paper plate life cycle

1.    A disposable Plate

2.    2 Pipe design Macronies. 1 shell             macrony, 
      Three beans to make eggs
3.    Paper to make the butterfly
4.    paper or plastic to make leaves.
5.    finger colors 
6.    UHU

Start to make

1. Color three beans with white paint.

2. Color pipe macrony in circles with three or four colors to make a colorful caterpillar.

3.color shell macrony brown, pink or whatever you like to make a chrysalis.

4. Draw a butterfly color it with different.
colors and past it on a pipe macrony.

 5. Make leaves of green paper or plastic.

Divide plate into 4 parts. First, decorate sides of the plate with different colors 
 Paste leaves in one part of the plate. Then make a little brown branch to past chrysalis.
then step by step paste all the stages on the plate.
  1. Eggs on the leaf.  
  2. Caterpillar in the second part.
  3. Chrysalis in the third part right at the painted branch.
  4. Butterfly in the forth part of the plate. make arrows with a black color to show cycle.

Try this out with your young minds. Going through nature and find ideas to make things after searching facts behind help much to increase curiosity in bright minds. Try this out and drop your experience here. If you also used to make crafts about the fact of animals share with us. Thanks for your interest drop your email to get updates.

 By Adiba Anwar

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