“Rhymes: Joyful Poems for Muslim Kids” – A whimsical collection celebrating Ramadan’s magic, tailored for young Muslim kids. Fun, educational, and full of joy!


10 Pems About Ramadan

Title: “My First Fast”

My first fast, oh what a day,
A special time, I must say.
Waking up before the sun,
Ready for the fast, my journey’s begun.

With a growling tummy and a sleepy yawn,
I know today will be a little drawn.
No food or drink, just patience and prayer,
In this blessed month, I’ll show I care.

It’s hard at first, I must admit,
But I know it’s a blessed deed, a perfect fit.
For Allah’s love, I’ll fast and wait,
Knowing it’s worth it, no debate.

With each passing hour, I feel strong,
My faith in Allah, like a beautiful song.
I think of those who have less to eat,
My heart swells with gratitude, so sweet.

As the sun sets, it’s time to break,
With dates and water, I partake.
My first fast, a journey complete,
In Allah’s love, my heart finds its beat.

So to all the kids with their first fast,
Know it’s hard but it won’t last.
For Allah’s blessings, we patiently wait,
In fasting, we find our faith so great.

Title: “Ramazan Magic”

In the month of Ramadan, magic fills the air,
A time of blessings, a time so rare.
When the crescent moon smiles in the night,
Children’s hearts are filled with delight.

Fasting from dawn till the setting sun,
A special time for everyone.
With empty tummies and hearts so true,
We seek Allah’s blessings anew.

As the sun dips below the horizon’s line,
Families gather, a meal divine.
Iftar, a feast with dates and delights,
Sharing love and joy under starry lights.

Prayers whispered in the still of the night,
Guiding us towards the path that’s right.
Reading the Quran, its pages so bright,
Filling our souls with its heavenly light.

Charity flows like a gentle stream,
Helping those in need, a beautiful dream.
Kindness and compassion, virtues we learn,
In this blessed month, our hearts do yearn.

Eid is the gift we await with glee,
After a month of worship and humility.
New clothes, sweet treats, and laughter’s sound,
Celebrating with loved ones all around.

So let’s cherish Ramadan, this magical time,
A month of blessings, oh so sublime.
For in our hearts, its spirit shall stay,
Guiding us forever on our way.

Title: “The Fasting Adventure”

Fasting is a special quest we start,
A journey of the mind and heart.
When the sun rises, we don’t eat,
Until the evening, we’ll complete.

In the morning, we wake up with glee,
Knowing we’re strong as can be.
No food or drink till the day is done,
A challenge we’ll gladly overcome.

Our tummies may grumble and make a sound,
But patience and strength in us are found.
We think of those who have less to eat,
And gratitude fills us with every beat.

As the day goes on, we feel so proud,
Our voices may be soft, not loud.
We pray and read, our spirits high,
Fasting makes us reach for the sky.

When the sun sets, it’s time to break,
With dates and water, we partake.
The first bite, oh what a delight,
Our fast is over, we’ve won the fight!

Fasting teaches us patience, it’s true,
And empathy for others in all we do.
A month of blessings, a special time,
Ramadan’s magic, oh so sublime.

So let’s embrace this fasting grace,
With smiles on our face, in every place.
For in our hearts, the spirit will stay,
Guiding us on this Ramadan day.

Title: “The Quran’s Light”

In the blessed month of Ramadan, so bright,
The Quran was revealed, a guiding light.
A book of wisdom, a book so grand,
Sent down to Earth from Allah’s hand.

In the quiet of the night, so serene,
Angel Jibreel came with a message so clean.
To the heart of Prophet Muhammad, it flowed,
Words of guidance and love, it bestowed.

The Quran’s verses, so pure and true,
Teaching us the best of what to do.
Stories of prophets and lessons to learn,
In its pages, there’s so much to discern.

Each word a treasure, each verse a gem,
In Ramadan, we recite with a joyful hymn.
From Surah Al-Fatiha to the very end,
In the Quran’s wisdom, our hearts mend.

It teaches us kindness, patience, and love,
Guiding us to Allah, the One above.
With each recitation, our souls ignite,
In Ramadan, the Quran’s light shines so bright.

So let’s open its pages, let’s explore,
In this blessed month, let’s seek more.
For the Quran’s guidance is our greatest friend,
In Ramadan’s embrace, its wisdom we’ll lend.

Title: “I’m Fasting, I’m Fasting”

In Ramadan’s blessed days so bright,
I’m fasting, I’m fasting with all my might.
If someone tries to start a fight,
I’ll say, “I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” with delight.

No harsh words or fists will I send,
In Ramadan’s grace, I’ll make amends.
If anger rises, I’ll take a stand,
“I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” my peaceful brand.

When others test me, I won’t engage,
In fasting’s calm, I’ll turn the page.
With patience and love, my heart will sing,
“I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” a peaceful wing.

For in this month, a special test,
To be our best, to be our best.
So if troubles come, I’ll gently say,
“I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” come what may.

With every challenge, I’ll remain strong,
In Ramadan’s peace, I’ll belong.
“I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” my mantra will be,
In Allah’s light, I’ll find my key.

So to all the kids with hearts so bright,
“I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” hold on tight.
In this blessed month, let’s do what’s right,
“I’m fasting, I’m fasting,” our guiding light.

Title: “Ramazan Planner”

In Ramadan’s month so dear,
Let’s plan our days, so clear.
With a Ramadan planner in hand,
We’ll make the most of this blessed land.

A diary for our thoughts and prayers,
For all the moments we want to share.
In our planner, we’ll mark each day,
With fasting, prayers, and good deeds at play.

A checklist for iftar treats so sweet,
Dates and water, a special treat.
In our diary, we’ll write our goals,
To read the Quran, it’s our souls.

In Ramadan’s planner, we’ll find our way,
To make each moment count, come what may.
With gratitude and love, our hearts ignite,
In this blessed month, our spirits take flight.

So let’s open our Ramadan planner with glee,
With each page, a new opportunity.
To grow closer to Allah, in every way,
In our Ramadan planner, we’ll find our day.

Title: “Ramazan’s Gift: Unity and Love”

In the blessed month of Ramadan’s glow,
Let’s plant the seeds of love to grow.
No fights or envy, just unity in sight,
With pure hearts, we shine so bright.

Around the table, family we gather,
No harsh words, just love we’d rather.
Breaking fast with dates and glee,
In Ramadan’s embrace, we’re filled with glee.

No more grudges, no more feud,
In our hearts, kindness is renewed.
Forgiveness blooms like a fragrant flower,
In this sacred month, our hearts empower.

We share our meals, we share our joy,
For every girl, every boy.
No differences, no barriers to see,
In unity and love, we find the key.

Helping others, it’s our delight,
In Ramadan’s spirit, we take flight.
Charity and kindness, our guiding light,
With open arms, we hold on tight.

Let’s keep this unity beyond the moon,
In every month, in every tune.
For Ramadan’s gift is love so pure,
In our hearts, it will endure.

So let’s embrace each other with care,
In this world, let’s be fair.
No fights or envy, just unity and love,
In Ramadan’s spirit, we rise above.

Title: “Charity for Gaza: A Beacon of Hope”

In Gaza’s streets where hope seems far,
Where shadows linger, and dreams scar.
The people of Palestine, hearts so brave,
In hardship and struggle, they find their grave.

But in this darkness, a light still shines,
A beacon of hope, amidst the confines.
Charity’s hand, stretched out so wide,
Bringing warmth and love, like a gentle tide.

From distant lands, hearts are stirred,
For Gaza’s people, their voices heard.
In Ramadan’s embrace, we unite,
To ease their burden, to share the light.

With every donation, a heart is fed,
In Gaza’s homes, no longer dread.
From food to shelter, and healing hands,
Charity’s reach, across the lands.

For every child who dreams of more,
Every parent longing to restore.
With charity’s grace, we can provide,
A glimmer of hope, a swelling tide.

In Gaza’s struggle, we find our call,
To stand together, to break the wall.
For charity knows no bounds or creed,
In Gaza’s soil, it’s planted like a seed.

So let’s give generously, let’s extend our hand,
For Gaza’s people, across the sand.
In charity’s embrace, we’ll find our peace,
In Gaza’s suffering, our love will never cease.

For every smile that charity brings,
In Gaza’s heart, hope sings.
May Allah’s mercy, like a gentle rain,
Quench their thirst, and ease their pain.

Title: “A Reminder for Ramazan”

In homes around the world, lights aglow,
Muslim Ummah prepares for Ramadan’s show.
With decorations and joy, hearts so bright,
We welcome the blessed month with delight.

But as we deck our homes with care,
Let’s remember those in Gaza, a prayer.
Courageous people in a land of strife,
Their faith in Allah, the guiding life.

In Gaza’s streets, where lights are dim,
They stand strong with faces grim.
Fighting for faith, amidst the pain,
Their resolve like a steadfast chain.

As we spend money on decorations so grand,
Let’s extend our hands to Gaza’s land.
For in their struggle, we find our kin,
Their bravery and faith, a light within.

In Ramadan’s spirit, let’s remember the call,
To help those in need, to stand tall.
For Gaza’s children, with dreams so bright,
Let’s ensure they have food tonight.

Let’s decorate our hearts with love and care,
For Gaza’s people, in our thoughts they share.
In this blessed month, let’s make a vow,
To remember them, then and now.

So as we prepare for Ramadan’s grace,
Let’s keep Gaza in a special place.
Their courage and faith, a beacon of light,
In our prayers, they shine so bright.

May Allah’s mercy reach their land,
In Gaza’s struggle, let’s take a stand.
For the courageous people who fight with faith,
In our hearts, their story we’ll embrace.

Title: “Eid is Here: A Day of Joy”

Eid is here, with excitement we cheer,
A day of joy, oh how we’re near!
New clothes and smiles, hearts so light,
Eid is here, oh what a delight!

With the crescent moon high in the sky,
Eid is here, let’s raise our voices high.
A day of blessings from Allah above,
Eid is here, a day of love.

In our best clothes, we proudly stand,
Ready to greet, hand in hand.
Family and friends, all around,
Eid is here, happiness abound.

Sweet treats and gifts, oh so grand,
Eid is here, in every land.
With gratitude in our hearts so clear,
Eid is here, a day we hold dear.

In this blessed day, let’s remember,
Allah’s love, a glowing ember.
Eid is here, with joy we sing,
A day of celebration, let’s take wing.

Which poem resonated with you the most? Share your favorite in the comments below! Let’s celebrate the joy of Ramadan together.

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