Every person in this world of 7.5 billion  Population has personality differences. They do not look
same, talk the same way, nothing resembles with each other, even sibling is also not the same. Their individual needs are also different from each other. And when we talk about, learning level and study skills, it also could not be alike. In a young age, when a human-being start to understand the matters and getting familiarization with the things. This is the high stage of the observation and learning power. But birds are good in fly and monkeys jump, A caterpillar crawls and a kitten runs well. You can’t expect from a monkey to swim. 

 Every child in the process of learning and personality development react on the way which may differ him from others. I have three children, 9 yrs,8 yrs, and 4 yrs. They are too young but their personality differences and interests are very controversial. 
Parenting is not to stop them from learning it is to encourage them to explore the world and grow with healthy minds set.
Parenting is to be smart and catch every opportunity without missing any stone.
 Some of the methods are highlighted here for the smart guide of parents who are worried about less interest of their children in the study.

  • Provide books of child’s interest, games, the bio of players, stories, geography, cooking, news, facts, engineering.
  • DISCUSS curriculum problem issues and try to solve.
  • Solve reading problem/ issues/ disability.
  • Provide visual and audio tools.
  • Plenty of light in the room and comfortable place.
  • physical health
  • Make an educational environment
  • Encouragement
  • Praise and appreciation
  • Accept the child’s individual skills
  • Make groups of 2/6 children
  • Give tasks, Projects, Deadline.
  • Stop comparing with others.
  • Transformation is better than enforcement.
  • Outdoor educational activities
  • Educational trips
  • A good routine Set up (scheduling/Timetable) 
  • Accept the computer as a necessary distraction and use some  apps and software(list of help full apps) as well as a curriculum helping guide for your kids.
  • Make projects/Plans and show excitement
  • Breaks and period gaps in study
  • Setting goals and offering reward after completing goals.

Parenting is not ruling, forcing or pouring ideas on a child. It should be like a google search engine takes you to the content and map and direct one into the way but it cant force to must go ahead the same way. 

How are these helping guide ideas?
Am I missing something?
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