A good parenting demands devotion, sacrifice, emotional attachment, care, responsibility, and Love. A baby can’t demand, can’t speak and can’t show his needs, but he/she is ↲↳↳♥👅👅👅☖

listening/feeling/observing. A picture of these days is saving in his Memory. So the first year is most important to nourish or spoil his/her personal skills.

Children are gifts from Allah. And Parents are responsible to raise a child and full fill His all physical, emotional needs as well as bringing him a good human being. 

A good Muslim Parenting

A good parenting start from the very first day of his birth.
Some parents ask me how? Probably, most parents think that parenting means upbringing a child with fulfilling physical demand calls a good parenting.If you also think this. I must say no, it’s not. Islam says a Muslim child has four rights towards his parent.When a baby born with all emotional and physical needs, spiritual needs also a part of parenting.

  1. Give him/her a good mother(Mary with good women so that she good give the child good qualities)
  2. Give him/her  good name(Because name effects in development of a good/bad personality)
  3. Give him/her good education
  4. And marry him/her with a good spouse)


A good Muslim Parenting
It’s clear that Good parenting starts from the first day of birth when we give a baby a name and fulfill his/her other needs.
And parenting ever lasts till the marry.
Fathers and mothers will equally be asked about their children. Hence fathers maintenance to fulfill the physical and emotional needs and mothers are responsible teach values and in building good personality.
Here we highlight some perspectives of an Islamiclamic parenting.

1.Spiritual needs of a Baby

  • Pray for the baby and reciting of Quran in daily. Because in effect on the baby’s personality and keep him away from bad eyes and devils.
  • Say Bismillah every time when you lift the baby, wearing clothes, Feeding and even if he fell down.
  • Every work you do start from right side of wearing clothes and shoes, giving a toy in his/her hand, mother feed, combing
  • Recite some Dua’s loudly for him like for drinking milk and feeding other foods or reply when he/she sneezes
  •  He is listening to you, and he is also observing everything around him to provide a calm, pleasant and religious environment around him/her.

2: Emotional needs a Baby

  • Talk to him, he is listening to you,  so you should always tell him you love him and also keep talking like…. Now we will clothe, now it’s time to eat, you are a very good baby,  I love your smile, now it’s Time to sleep. And during other tasks also.
  • Kiss a baby often. Research says, Research says kisses and love in childhood It decreases the chances of mental problems in old age. in old age who was kissed and loved in childhood.
  • Islam says be kind to children.Love them and have pity on them. Use kind words and your behavioral problem should not affect him/her.
  • When baby starts crawling, provide a safe environment and say less to them.Instead, make them aware of the sequence. 

2: Physical needs Baby

  • Never leave him dirty. Whenever he does potty, pee or pour milk, do hurry to clean. This will give a baby good hygienic health, keep him/her away from devils and make his habit to live clean.
  • Follow a good routine (use this feed CHART)of feeding, sleeping, and other playing
  • Give him a good diet. Follow the good nutritional chart. should breastfeed for 2yrs.  Use honey, eggs, milk, and wheat after 6months. Some babies contain allergic symptoms, so that do not use all milk products same time.
  • Do massage before or after a bath and give bath daily.
  • He totally depends on others so do not leave him/her unchecked when he starts to sit and also don’t leave him lay for a long time.
  • WIFI and signal of other devices keep away from baby and room of a baby.

Additional role of a father in good parenting

As a good parent father should fulfil his/her emotional needs. I must say fathers are playing less role in the upbringing of a child. As the head of family fathers leave a deep impact on children’s personality and thoughts. And kids also live more obedient with fathers so they should play their strong role to prepare them for Sadqa-e-Jaria. And instead of ruling on them, give love and protection with a feeling of care. They should show their love for them and spend some quality time with them. And also set good examples for them

How hard you find this article. Do you want to share your parenting tips or sweet memories of your Little Angels? Do you feel you had missed something of good parenting when your kids were an infant? My comment box is waiting for your helpful parenting ideas.
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(Adiba Anwar)
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