Surah -ul-Falaq and Al-Naas for kids

Quran easy Tafsir and activities for kids and teachers to teach and learn online. Step-by-step guide

These are our online lessons for kids. We believe in practical work and new teaching methods to teach quran to our kids. That’s why we design our own activities and lessons to teach quran. Our activities are critical thinking based and these are long-term remembering.

Here on this page, you can see how we taught Surah tu Falaq and Surah tu Naas in our class. Translation and word meanings of these two Surahs will be done separately. But tafsir, activities, mind maps, and stories will be done for both.

Step 1- Introduction of Surah

On the first day, we recited the surah from the Book ‘ My first Quran with pictures’.

The introduction of these surahs is that these surahs are also named as AL-Mawudhatain, which means two protections. There is a story behind the revelation of these two Surahs. These two surahs are sister surahs and are revealed at the same time.

. The people of Makkah were got enemy of Prophet SAW when he tried to spread Islam. They were trying to stop spreading Islam.

They followed many tricks but failed. Then one of them practiced Black magic to make Prophet mentally sick. The prophet got sick.

Headache started to disturb Him and he started to forget things. Our Prophet could not understand what was happening to him.

But There was Allah SWT who sent His help. Angle Jibreal came there with Two Surah AL-NAAS and AL-FALAQ and told him about the Magic. Then the place of Magic was searched and Magic was disposed of with the help of this surah. Finally, He overcome all the black energies, Trick failed and He was more strong.

From that day Our Prophet SAW practiced reciting these two surahs Every Day in the Morning, evening, and before sleeping. For children’s motivation I added, ”’If you want energies like superheroes against bad powers, you have to memorize these two surahs and recite Morning and night.

STEP 2- Word to word Translation

We did word-to-word Translation. We have used whiteboards. And sometimes we do write word meanings in the book. It depends on the age of the child and their learning capability. If any child can make notes of word meanings while writing Arabic as well. Then we prefer it. But if any child has the book, or can easily learn and write in the book. then it’s the second-best option.


Step 3_Full Translation with infographics.

Then full Translation was done. Pictures helped us in understanding the theme of Surah. For homework, children do memorize word meanings and translations. They also do infographics of the full Surah.

Step 4- Tafsir or Deep understanding

On the second day we did some Tafseer from the Book of Islamic studies’ It is a great read to understand the background of Surah and the power of Allah. The reality of Black Magic. We also Had a story from the My First Quran stories book about Musa A.S and MAGICIANS. We discussed the reality of Black magic.

We discussed some magic tricks.

Step 5- Activities

Names/attributes of Allah Subhan Wa Tallah activities were done in calligraphy.

Activities and exercises were done.
What children Learnt from this Surah?

Then after completing two Surahs, there were Asma-ul-Husna activities. Calligraphy of the names of Allah which are mentioned in this surah was done by students.

These two surahs are protection Surahs, So According to Sunnah, we should recite these Surahs 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening. Our Prophet SAW also recited these surahs the night before sleeping.

Step 6- Stories

We have two stories to tell to our students while learning these two surahs. 1st is the story of magicians(Prophet Musa A.S story). To tell them that all types of Magics are false powers and Haram.

We had another story from My first Quran stories book. This is a story Iblees. Who is the biggest enemy of Humans, So we discussed as Iblees is following us to mislead us, we need the protection of Allah SWT from every evil?

Step 7- Mind Map of the Surah
  • The theme of these Surahs is Protection Surahs.
  • Pairs Surat -ul-Falaq/Surah-ul-Naas
  • About Magic and evils.
  • Surah Al-Naas Has 6 Verses and Suarh Al-Falaq 5 verse
  • It was revealed In Makkah This Mind map was taken from the website
step 8- Conclusion and Discussion

Alhamdulillah. Now kids were supposed to make some drawings and write names about their fears. After discussion, we came to know every child has any fear, like fear of darkness, jins, loneliness, supper powers, nightmares, and many other things, So we decided to Recite these surahs when we will feel fear.

And of course, these surahs will be in Our Morning and Evening azkaars before sleeping. In sha Allah
Watch the videos of the Mind map and Teaching method of these surahs
We are looking for your thoughts on this method of teaching the Quran. Do you have more easy and awesome methods to teach these two Surahs? Leave your ideas in our comment box. or email us.
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