eid and ramadan crafts for kids
Ramadan And Eid of Expats.

The First Ramadan and Eid as an expat was at the stage of self-pity and made me homesick. But now after 8 years when my kids grow up and we are 5 members at home,
I enjoy blissful Ramadan. with arts and crafts for Eid and Ramadan. But living as an ex-pat is a little hard thing itself when we have zero Muslim community around us.Especially for children its hard to understand the difference between religious rituals. Here the non-Muslims celebrate their rituals with much excitement and community involvement.In this condition, it’s very important for us to make our rituals more attractive and charming with its soul. That’s why. This year The theme of our Ramadan is about a Verse of a Quran which is In Surah Baqra 183.

Because Some non-Muslims think it’s very cruel to live hungry for the whole day. And Muslim children feel pity for them-self. So we will explain and follow these three Conceptions of Fasting...

    1. Fast was also Fardh in other religions like Hinduism and Christianity. But they forget their prayers and added new things in their rituals.
    2. We can’t leave Fast in any condition. We can delay it if we are Sick or traveling.
    3. The purpose of Ramadan is increasing our level of Taqwaa.
    In the light of this Verse we will plan our all activities covering two things.
    1.Ramadan eid decorations and planners. 2. Ibada activities to get Taqwa
    Ramadan/Eid decorations and planners. Ramadan preparations Start from the month of Shawwal when we start to clean home and prayer mats. To follow Sunnah It is the best thing to practice more fasts in the month of Shawwal..
      My kids start to countdown the Ramadhan and excited about the happiness of the daily iftar table.

      Here I will describe some things we will do in Ramadan. 

      1.Wishing Crads and Self evaluation cards for nonemuslim fellow.

       Alhamdulillah we have made planned to give Ramadan wishes, self-evaluation cards and a pack of some dates to class fellows of elder one who is turning 9yrs this Ramadan. In this activity, he will share a short introduction/Ramadan story in his class. Then he will give wish card to his class fellow with a self-evaluation card in which every student will ask a question (how am I?) to his parents, friends, and people around him. And get good behavior starts and hearts from others.

      Eid and ramadan crafts
      Eid and ramadan crafts

      2.Prayer Corner.

      Our first and Welcome Ramadan activity is Making of a prayer corner.
      In a less messy room, we choose a corner and decorate it to offer our prayers and Ibadah here.
      In this corner, we have prayer mats, Table of Quran and Seerah books, Tasbeeh. I also added some sticky notes Color/pencils and some other activity materials in this corner to do some activities(described down)We made this corner full with fragrance and charming lights or candle. A video of prayer corner
      Eid and ramadan crafts for kids


      All necessary Grocery and new summer clothes shopping should be done before Ramadan. So we will buy clothes to wear in Jummah prayers and Eid Before Ramadan. 4.Wishing cards. During Ramadan, kids will make some eid wishing or Iftar invitation cards which they could do best. It depends on them whatever they will use to decorate and write on them.
      5.Iftar preparations

      Every member of the family will volunteer in preparation of after. Of Course, the kids are too young to practice Fast, but they do Iftar. It’s the best time where we could learn to eat Sunnah foods, manners of eating and welcome every food.
      6.Eid gift packs

      This Ramadhan I’m planning to make eid gift packs. Living in abroad we don’t have other kids surroundings to give these gift packs. But This year we would make these packs for their schoolfellows. Because kids feel a little complex when they can’t take part in school celebrations and the rituals of their friends. So I think our kids should feel proud of their rituals. And doing this will also raise awareness in their friends that they also have their religious rituals. Here is the picture of the gifts I gave them last year. This year I’m planning to give something else to my kids and adding some candies and chocolate bars in the gift packs of other children.

      eid and ramadan crafts for kids

       Ibada activities to get Taqwa1.Alhamad Garden.

      eid and Ramadan crafts for kids
      Every day of Ramadan is a blessed month. So we have this beautiful garden with our name tags. We will add a flower daily to say Alhamdulillah for the blessing of the day.

      2.Wall hangers

      We prepared wall hangers with the verses like.
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/ramadan crafts for kids
      1. Allah is watching. AL-BASEER(For Kitchen)
      2. Forgive others      Al-Ghafoor(kids room)
      3. Allah is listening   Al-same (prayer corner)
      4. Prayer is better than sleep     (Bedroom)
      5. Ifter and Sehri Supplications  (wall of the dining table)

      Eid ramadan crafts for kids

      3.Quran memorizing.

      My elder one is already doing Hifz. So, this year I planned my self to memorize at least one Surah in this month. And younger kids will also take part in memorizing. For this, I think listening of audio is the best way for kids. I have apps of Quran recitation which they will listen and learn.
      Stories About the Ramadhan of Sahaba 4.Daily Ayat e Tadabbur. Daora e Quran is my favorite thing to do in Ramadan. It’s also Sunnah that Prophets Muhammad SAW did Dora e Quran every night of Ramadan with Jibraeel A.S. For kids its better I will choose any Ayat for them and do tadabbur on it.
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids5.Charity box
      Like last year we will  have a charity box in which we will add some money to donate kids.

      eid and ramadan crafts for kids
      6.A Ramadhan schedule/Planner
      This year we have a planner with us in which we have tick option for

      Prayer,..A hand made Ramadan countdown and Prayer countdown. Big sticker for Fast and small stickers for daily stickers.
      Daily some verses age according and Dora-e-Quran for kids a video of9 minuts daily and 3 hrs daily for elders.Good Deeds..For kids we make good deeds tree. Which will get fruits of good deeds in stickers.

      Tasbeeh... Ziker is complspry thing to do. We have made these short tasbeehat from beeds of broken tasbeehat. Our one bucket is for Tasbeehat. Second jaar of countdown beeds and second to keep counted beeds.

      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      7.Bonding with Grandparents and other relatives.

      Every Ramadan and Eid we all miss our relatives and country rituals and homesick. I miss my parents and my Husband so as. So to make strong bonding and attach kids with our bondings, we will try to make more live calls to get connect with them.

      Eid room decorations
      Last week of Eid is good to start Eid decorations.

      Last year we did it with balloons, stars, Crescents and fresh flowers. Let’s see what we added more.

      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kidsEid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      Eid/Ramadan crafts for kidsEid/Ramadan crafts for kidseid and ramadan crafts for kidsEid/Ramadan crafts for kids
      In’sha Allah. This is My Planner and pre and in Ramadan preparations. Hope everyone will get a blessed Ramadan.
      Allahumma ballighnaRamadhana.
      Adiba Anwar. How to make clay candels?watch video.

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