Homeschool kids find A flexible time to spend with parents as well as they could explore more thing of their interest. But with all of this, Homeschool kids missed a lot. with hanging on parents some times they miss social engagement, company, lack of age communication, lack of opportunities to learn in a natural way where kids have good or bad experiences.

homeschool kids
And also I must say for young age its ok, but for a growing age, one needs many skills besides a curriculum or syllabus and religious studies. And parents or single tutor can’t be good educationist for all things..And some time lack of scheduling and improper management, homeschool kids can’t get all the skills at one place. In this regard, I ‘m going to make an outline of some basic skills our homeschool kids are in need. And our intention is to follow these skills in automotive ways.

  • Sign language

I thought to write about this language at first because I started with my elder as fun and later it became a good part of learning as well. And one day, when I was applying the face mask and was not speaking about a half hour so my elder was enjoying as well helping younger kids to understand me. It’s a very healthy activity and could be going to help to communicate with sign learners as well as distance communication.

  • Lip reading

Lip reading is a little hard to learn but it is a great fun to do. With siblings, friends or parents even watching tv programs just mute the sound and practice to under stand the what they are saying. I got this idea one of my cousins is dumb and deaf, and we were then used to wonder that sometimes she just understand our gossips after watching sitting nearby us.  

  • Telephone directory and important no

Cell phones and personal devices do not save for kids but in case of emergency and self-safety Homeschool kids needs to learn how to operate basic phone apps and calling. And learn some important numbers like Fire brigade, police, ambulance services, numbers of parents, home, school, teacher, or any close relative. It will help them to ask for help in an emergency. 

  • First aid

Kids need to know how to first add in case of a burn, cut or in case if any bug bits. First aid kit with safe tools inside should be on reach and then should be familiarized with medicines and tools with security. 

  • Crawling

Children love to crawl like an army on the floor. But we parents don’t like and instead of encouraging we stop them for the sake of clothes.We should provide them opportunities to crawl, and also create some healthy crawling competitions for them.This activity is rich to make them grow with health, self-confidence, and good practice in case of emergency(to rescue in case of fire, bomb explosion, and leg wounds).

  • Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity and also the best summer outing looks spitless with out visiting a beach. But with fun, it is also necessary to teach them how to swim.

  • Road safety

How to cross the road, road signals and sign board of road safety is things to use daily for adults and children as well. Parents are always here to say yes to children, but grow them to take self-care as well.For this, we can make drawing about road signs, crafts for road signals and also visit a near by driving school.

  • Use of wash room

Some parents behave like more touchy for kids and do not leave them even to use toilet and washroom. This thing stoles confidence as well makes them so much dependent on parents that they can’t imagine to do these minor things alone. This is a very bad habit, and many parents feel very comfortable to help them always.

  • Basic self-feeding
Offcourse girls love to help in the kitchen and also like to learn recipes. And girls soon or later learn how to cook. But here according to the topic, boys too should be practice how to self-feed. they should be trained from very start how to wash and get fruits, milk, how to serve already prepared food, help on the dining table and then learn easy to cook foods. 

  • How to escape in earth quake, flood, Fire Explosion

Rescue tips always helpful for self-safety and also to become a helping hand(voluntary). Like in an earth quake don’t run instead sit, take a quick step down to door or hide under a table or bed. And like wise others.

  • Self-defense

It’s Sunnah to organize some healthy fight contest between young ones. And then when we see around us, we could understand how this world is turning into miserable things because of some people. So children should be trained for some fighting steps and some self-defense steps, We can find kids fighting videos on youtube or other channels. 

  • Knowledge/ Warning dangerous and harmful liquids and foods.

Every house has many medicines, liquids, and other products which are very harmful to kids. And all the products contain warnings tags on it. But just thinking that keeping them out of reach is not enough. We should give them full knowledge of how to use and how to avoid dangerous effects of them. Like some products we can’t smell, others contain gases and get fires, some time bottles contain such liquids which refilled with dangerous products. So you should warn kids and teach them what warnings are on them

  • Help in-house chores like mopping, dusting, and arranging cupboards

Almost every modern reductionist is trying to refocus to teach kids how to help in house chores. In increases self, confidence and children become less dependent. I remember in my childhood, more parents like my mom used to say students should focus their study and they do not get much time to help. But it had made me lazy and more dependent. This activity is also helpful in learning practical skills. 

  •  Games and  Sports

Of course, students are getting sports training and competitions in schools and home as well. But for homeschool kids, it’s more important. They should attend regular sports programs as well as play ground gatherings.And at home games and other physical activities are also a part of the study 

  •   Budget and Money management
   All the parents give pocket money to their children. But some parents don’t know how to teach them to make a budget and manage shopping list.For that children should be involved in grocery shopping and discussed prices and also how to prefer to buy important things first. 

  • How to over come on stress or loneliness

In the modern age, social activities are shrinking and use of devices and social media is more. Secondly, there is a big communication gap, as well as lack of confidence and patience, is making this world more stress full. So children need more communications and social activities. And in the case of any stress or other behavioral problem, they should be taught healthy activities and yoga treatments.
                I had tried my best to combine all the basic skills for homeschool kids. Suggest my readers if I’m missing any one. Or share the skills your kids are good or bad in. Also, leave a comment about which method do you use to teach these skills?

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