Summer Crafts

Very Simple wall hanger,  Easy to make
and also a good looking hang out For remind-able things!

How to make This summer craft?

Take A blue card paper A4 size or what ever a child will like… 
Instead of having blue card paper.. white paper could also be used for this summer crafts and color it blue with water color………
Draw some fish of different shapes and sizes…….
And color in artistic style…..
Then take any poem, Prayer, quote, Name of child, photo 
or any memory which one you like to hang out…
Then give it a sea look…
Paste all the fish and also sea plant if you want, 
some shiny stones to give it glowing look…
And in the middle of the page make a frame. 
in this summer craft frame time table, favorite quote, and wish, prayer, picture, certificate, and some thing special could be posted.
Write children name bottom of This summer craft….. 
With puncher make whole at the top. 
And make a hanger to hang it….
It looks very great………….. 
And also children feel Deep happiness and mind coolness whenever they watch….. 
And the most important thing,
With this summer craft, Children will also remember the thing posted on it.
Try it and don’t forget to share your experience.
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Adiba Anwar

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