Summer crafts idea’s for children… How to make a bunch of grapes with beans and cotton

              It’s a grape plant with the bunch of grapes. It was made by 5 and 6 years students under the topic of summer fruits,  motor skills, and fruits of heaven. As the teacher was teaching about the production of wine in the nursery class. And as a Muslim mother,  I felt it’s my duty to make them clear that wine is prohibited in Islam and also relate it to benefits of eating grapes and how they grow etc. Please ignore the flaws, as this is the best attempt of six/five years boys.

     To make this plant we need

  1. Crafts paper to make leaves and branches
  2. Ice-cream sticks to make a hanging wall
  3. A plastic bottler or little vase
  4. Some beans
  5. and green piece of cloth

First Of all  cut green cloth into small round pieces,
take some beans and sew green cloth around the beans …. and sew attaching them with each other… they will look like branch of grapes.
It will look like this

No make a back wall with ic-cream sticks……. Adjusting them in zig-zak
with the help of UHU and make some leaves and branches with green card paper and make a plant on the back wall… and also grapes ….then take a bottle or vase and put it in it..

This is really a fun activity… just play , learn and do…

                                Adiba Anwar

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