This is a hadith with stories series for kids. Today hadith is about Taqwa from Tirmidhi 1987 with the story of Umer R.A


Hadith about Taqwa

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuhMy dear students, Today we are going to learn a beautiful hadith about Taqwa and a very interesting story. May Allah accept it from us and help us act upon it. AmeenAllah is Ar-Rahman(Most Gracious) and Ar-Raheem(Most Merciful).  Allah is Al-Aleem, He is everywhere and He knows everything. 

Remember my dear children, the angels over our shoulders are always writing ALL of our good and bad actions. If you happen to do a bad action, ask Allah to forgive you as HE is Al-Ghaffar(Most forgiving).

My dear children, always tell your parents about all your actions, good or bad, they will be able to help and ask for forgiveness for you as well.

Story of Umer R.A about Tqwa and the widow woman

A young girl selling milk there was a very honest young girl, she had a fear of Allah and always tried to do good things. In those days, Hazrat Umer Farooq was the caliph of the city where she lived. The caliph ordered that no one should mix milk with water.

So one day, the mother of that girl asked her to mix some water into milk so that they may earn more money as they were very poor. 

However, the girl said, ‘’No Mother,I will not do it as the Caliph forbade us and we have to obey his order.”The mother said, ”I know but the Caliph is not here to see it.”

The girl said, ”He might not be here but Allah is watching us all the time.”

At the same time, the caliph who was patrolling the city, stopped outside their house and heard their conversation.

He knocked on the door and entered the house. He praised the girl and told her how happy he was with her and then the mother was regretful over her greedy actions.

Later on, the caliph married his son Abdullah bin Umer with the girl and this was the reward for her honesty and fear of Allah. The lesson we learned from this story is that bad actions are bad, whether we are doing it openly or in secret.

We should not obey anyone in doing bad deeds as Allah is the lord and we should always have fear of Allah,

In sha AllahWrite down the hadith into your hadith book and keep sharing them with your parents and friends.Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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