The art/Drawings collection 24 car designs of good home schooled boys.

These  6/5-year boys are drawing cars and have a wonder full art collection of sports/game cars.

Check these 24 Art designs out of them.


Art is fun, and every body is not good in it at all.

Some people make their own collections and others follow them. But I must say only Puppets follow and act upon the other’s dialogues but Real thinkers and creators always create things do what they feel and think.

Real creators play and do incredible things

Help children out to think out of the box and let them do what they like.

Besides school syllabus what ever children do.

That is their best learning zone. 

These 2 brothers are friends of each other.

 they like to play, play and more play like other children. 

But their learning level is higher than high-grade students.

Here is a little art/drawing collection of 6/5 years old boys.

They like to play video car games.

Then like to draw more high speeder cars.

Elder one has his own car designs booklets/catalog

which he carries with him and

The class fellows choose the design from this art collection and he draws for them.

I will not mention here his other art collections he makes at home.

But here are 24 cars designs drawn by him and youngest.

( Please ignore the photography as he does photography of his all art collection himself.


And I could not expect from a 6 years old more than this)
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There is a big Art collection of other incredible art designs…. They like to make their own collection books and…..then they draw not only cars but other admire able things also like, flags, road signs etc
…….Drawing/art is a super way of expression and imaginary level reach at high with this art.
So encourage them…. and provide with all sources…
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Adiba Anwar.
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