The Cave….Summer Craft ….How to keep them busy and teach other things at the beach…

It costs nothing…. no cutting, sticking, No messed home, No wiping the garbage of Summer crafting……Summer crafts  Muslim kids stories

Normally every one loves to go the beach in the summer for swimming and enjoying. …. and when visiting  with small children, fun becomes a little more and also need to other things besides swimming….. some people enjoy making homes and castles with sand…. and some likes to through stones in the water or collect different colors of stone.

But how lovely the thing is whenever you do some fun activity you could relate it to some educational program …………and then children will not be playing and enjoying… but also children will learn much…

important is the thing that how to turn their mind towards any educational program and discuss something want to teach them … It will save time and potential… and believe me…. children learn in this way 100 times more quickly than at home sitting on a boring writing table or at school desks….

As summer crafts a lot of  educational activities could be done 


t summer craft/activity at the beach is collecting different types of shell and remembering the names of these shells.

and after that these shells could be colored and placed into a glass jar. people also like to make jewelry with these shells.

        2nd Summer educational craft/activity at the beach is:

     collecting stones and separate stones of each color.

   3rd summer craft/activity at the beach is recognizing bigger/smaller stones. And same like that heave/light weight stones, different shapes of stones, and of course counting with stones.

   4th summer educational craft/activity is

writing and making faces and shapes.

    5th summer educational craft/activity is

Making cave with stones.

Last year was made by children of me and they loved and ejoyed it.

No, what I did?…..

We were collecting the stones

We were building cave

We were competing with arranging them

We were talking about the different colors of stones….

We were remembering how the people of ancient times used to live in the caves

And the most important thing was…We had discussed and covered our two stories from the Quran.

Ashab _i_ kehf..
who slept for 309 years in the cave…..
and live alive by the Grace of Allah Almighty. Go to the link and could read for kids
Story of Hazrat Azeez A.S    

Who slept for 100 years and
Refreshed our Aqida about day after here(after death)

when ever you happen to go to the beach….. Try this out instead of doing another thing….
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Adiba Anwar

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