Ways to teach children of all learning type using the method of good homeschooling in Islam?

The methods of good homeschooling

Fathers and mothers will equally be asked about the upbringing and education of their child, not educational institutes. 

And whatever parents teach and train to their child is called homeschooling. Let’s see
What is the meaning of homeschooling?
Homeschooling. known as home education, is the education of children inside the home. Home education is usually conducted by a parent or tutor.
Homeschooling means an informal way of getting knowledge and learning. And informal learning starts when a child born he starts to learn and starts getting life skills. In this regard Parents sibling, society, schools, religion plays the role.
Good Muslim homeschooling starts from the lap of the mother and it never ends till the life ends. 
Hence, parents could not get full knowledge of every field of life but little knowledge of every field of life is necessary for good homeschooling.
Here is a complete guideline for parents who do homeschooling.

Homeschooling consists of three facts.
  1. What to teach, 
  2. Whom to teach 
  3. and how to teach?
                                  Whom to teach?
Education starts from the very first day of birth and ends up with life. But as the methods of good homeschooling are under discussion, only Children’s education will be highlighted here.

Every child has own individual learning style.
Nowadays, every educationist as well as homeschooling parents aware of these seven learning styles.
                 8 learning styles:

    1. The linguistic learner
    2. The naturalist
    3. The rhythmic learner
    4. The kinesthetic learner
    5. The visual or spatial learner
    6. The interpersonal learner
    7. The Intrapersonal learner. Read more 

     These learning types find and fit onto the individual persona of the child and are applicable just for preschoolers and a little informal education.  And at the last, formal institutes are using a typical method(more writing and reading).

    In the homeschooling method, the regular syllabus is available in the market. But a parent or tutor has more flexibility to teach with individual personal learning styles. 

    How to teach? 

    The methods of good homeschooling.

    What strategy should be applied to nourish skills rather than teaching knowledge?  

    The methods of good homeschoolingIslam is a complete religion and it has an own code of life which nourishes individual skills. It gave human beings a wonderful homeschooling method(informal training system Like mosques, madrasa) which emphasis training and practice more than learning.
    Quranic methods of human training have such wonderful features that fit into the methods of good homeschooling. All social development and advanced technology are because of That Islamic(INFORMAL)homeschooling method.  
    Today it is needed to move back where and follow Quran which has complete homeschooling methods 
    Now see how Quranic methods of a god homeschooling will be applied, using four sources of information on the children of all learning types to nourish their personal skills.

    1) The artistic and verbal method and the tone of voice (as Qur’an uses) in a good Homeschooling help more.

     Children love to color and want a variety of toys, clothes, foods, games, stories, poems outings, etc. And they learn while playing but they need dictation(Molding interest and converting information).
    And dictation should be more attractive with a soft tone of voice and verbal sentences.
    Instead of teaching the knowledge, convert the information.
    Suppose, if a child hurts someone(his siblings, friend, and bug or bee), and he would be told not to do this in insulting or dictation method and harsh words would be used to stop him, this will not work. 
    A good method of good homeschooling is that it makes him realize he did wrong, wisely using soft words and a painful wise tone.
    like: – oooh it must be hurting him, 
    it is very painful for him,
    You must say sorry and hug him,
    Because of the devil, you did it so say  Astaghfirullah. 
    This thing and style feel sorry for him.

    The intellectual and scientific content

    When children are being homeschooled, they ask, 

    what is this? 
    The methods of good homeschoolingwhy is this?
    where is something? etc. 
    They should be answered wisely with scientific content 
     Like: – 
    If Children ask why a bird can fly and I can’t?
    Answer with scientific reason makes things easy and understandable. 
    Your answer should be like this; – 
    he has wings, 
    it has less weight, 
    and he can push air and can go high and fly. 
    Make a paper/origami bird or plan to show the example. Just answering them that because they are the bird and we are not is not enough.

    3) The reinforcement of the spiritual dimensions of man.

    In a Good homeschooling method, a child could be treated according to his own spirit and level of learning. In this regard learning types of a student could help.

    4) The appeal to reflect and ponder.

    In this regard provide material to them and let them practice.
    Facilitate a child with the application. In a good homeschooling method, a single item could help much. 
    Activities Like: – 
    Seed a plant and observe the stages of its growth, 
    Take the fruit basket and observe the colors and taste of different fruits, 
    Colors combination(red and yellow makes orange)
    The methods of good homeschooling

    5) The appeal to the study of nature.

    Nature is the world’s best trainer and teacher. 
    As a homeschooling student, a child gets more time to play and live outside. Spend more time outside near nature and discuss birds, plants, clouds, the sun, day-night, bugs bees, land, and hills. 
    In this regard, I have another article about mobile apps which helps a child to study nature.

    6) The tapping of the historical incidents for evaluation.

    In the method of good homeschooling,, history works like junk food. Direct from shop to mouth.
    Stories from the Quran,
     Then make own stories for kids like, Story of a pencil was made,
     The living style of old ages, 
    How a knife or fire harmed anyone? The story of the child’s childhood.
     And most attracting stories for children are your own childhood stories.

    7) The expounding of the mysteries of the creation.Discussion with children about 

    Why Allah had made this world,
     Why was sent into this world, 
    What is the reason for creating the plant,
    clouds, water, air, germs, etc? 
    Clouds to rain, water to drink and grow, birds to eat bugs bees, cats to eat the mouse, etc

    8) The mentioning of series of truths and principles that govern human life, i.e. Sociology, Economics, Government, etc.

    Here are rules and regulations of every aspect of the life described in the Qur’an.
    In a good homeschooling, the child would be more about these rules.
    Sociology includes, And rights of Allah Rights of human, rights of birds. How to interact with others.who is the owner, how to share or get things from others.
    Economic, How to do trade, Sharing foods, toys, sell and buy, And who is the owner.

     Government. The rule will be included like Who is the boss(father)? How to obey him and respect his orders.
    same as that A team captain in a game governs, and the team will obey.

    9. Zikker.(Repetition) m  m

    The methods of good homeschooling

    Every child learns with repetition. It may visual, oral or experimental.

    In a good homeschooling, Parenting/ tutor could repeat as many times as he wishes with children. And again this repeating should be artistic and verbal so that children do not get tired.

    10: – Penalty and punishment.

    The penalty means reward, it could be oral like praise and acknowledgment. And some time to stop a child from something doing wrong punishment is also necessary. AS in Qur’an, penalty, and punishment are described at the same time.
    But Right after 20 to 30 minutes of punishment, come back to the child and discuss with him/her what he did wrong and why it should not happen next time.(Remmeber!children have a weak memory, They learn very fastly what they see but they could take the time to forget any wrong habit. So in a few discussions, they could not leave any habit. so some times try to ignore and sometimes discuss with good words)

     What to teach? 
    1) Reason and logic.
    2) Experience.
    3) Study of Nature.
    4) History.
    are the four sources of information.
    And In a good homeschooling, With this source of information children is taught different subjects and field of knowledge, like ethics, socialism, economics, science, and technics.

    Informal education, the more educated, trained and skillful person who runs the educational institutes provides fully structured services.
       With the changes in lifestyles and technology life become more easy and advanced systems are being introduced to formal schooling methods. But in a good homeschooling method Parents or tutors Use these sources to transform knowledge into children.  

    Using these all ten good homeschooling methods, a child could be shaped into a pious and honest Muslim. A good Homeschooling means more patience, more devotion, more skills, more passion, and full knowledge. 
    In this method of good homeschooling, Don’t forget to provide a good educational and practical environment, and also say “yes I’m here to a child” every time. 

    Watch this video for the Method used in Quran for human training.
    What do you think about all these methods? 
    Did you get new idea’s other than these?
    If you are using some other great methods, don’t forget to share it with us. Comments awaiting for your hits.

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