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Three Birds three stories in the Quran

  • Stories with facts, crafts, verses of Quran and Interesting activities for children.
Stories in Qur’an are a big source of teaching moral lessons, universal rules, and
Islamic Stories for children
 facts of nature to kids. I personally use to read for them these stories to raise their interest in reading and understanding the meanings of Qur’an for strong bonding.
Qur’an Is for every age and every aspect of life. So for children, it has many interesting things. It has all science, nature, and fiction topics for children.
This summer we decided to read these stories in a different way. And the outputs are really good.
We started our journey of learning Quran from the Ayat of the Quran about birds and animals and their benefits and relation with human beings.
In surat-al-Baqara, Allah SWA says:-
…….and dispersing therein every [kind of] moving creature, and [His] directing of the winds and the clouds controlled between the heaven and the earth are signs for a people who use reason. (164)
Then we had a general look at the names of animals, birds, and insects mentioned in the Quran. And the list was very long. 
So we made a list of them in three categories, that is Birds, animals, and Insects.. I will add the names of all of them in a related category.
Here I would like to recommend you to get ready for unexpected questions from the children. They asked many minds unlocking questions to me like;-
If the horse is also mentioned in the Quran?
If my name is also in the Quran?
Where is a list of things I will get in Heaven?
Honestly, children are more clever than elders.
Three Birds Three Stories.
Children were interested in Birds. So we started from the stories of the birds, mentioned in the Quran. In the Quran Word ‘bird’ is mentioned 5 times and the word ‘birds’  occurs 13 times.
Three birds are mentioned with their names in the Quran. 
 In the Quran, We find many Ayaats about benefits and general
information about the birds. 
Allah SWT says about the Bird:-
“Do they not see the birds controlled in the atmosphere of the sky? None holds them up except Allah. Indeed in that are signs for a people who believe.”(Al-Nahal-79)
And Here are many other verses which invite us to look at birds and ponder the psychology of birds. We summed up all the verses of the Quran in a list and started our journey.
First of all, we made an outline of our field of storytelling sessions. We worked on this project in these steps.
  • Photography of some birds/nests in nature 
  • Reading/listening stories 
  • Marking the bird from the story
  • Numbering the benefits of Birds
  • Facts about that bird
  • The moral lessons of the Story (discussion)
  • Learning verses or just Dua(supplication) of the prophet.
  • Crafts/creative work(Shop here)

Day 1. PhotoGraphy:-


Our First step was the photography of some birds and their nests from nature. That day was full of excitement. Nature, free time to spend outside and then finding birds and taking photos of them was the totally amazing experience of learning without getting bored. 
Here are some photos of birds and nests, my young learners took.

Day2. Discussion About birds and their living style.

The next day we had a healthy discussion about the birds and their nests. How they make nests, what do they eat and how they fly. Life. The cycle of birds is also an interesting aspect of stories of the birds. We also discussed the airplane which flies like birds. Children were also wishing that They may also fly. And then I told them they may fly like a bird in a pursuit when they will grow up.
It was the time when I was able to make them realize that Humans are the best creature of Allah SWT in this universe.

Day3. Benefits of the Birds.

Making the list of the benefits of the birds was also incredible work…
We found these benefits;-`
  • They give us food
  • They eat insects so our world is saved from a huge quantity of insects.
  • They are also a natural source of spreading the seeds of some fruits and herbs from one to another place.
  • They also make our earth beautiful.
  • In the last, every bird has individual facts which will be described in three birds and their stories.
Islamic stories for children



And then we entered into our next doorstep. And this level was labelling the birds mentioned in the Quran with the name. We found three Birds mentioned in the Quran named:-
  1. Crow  (Surat al Maida.In the story of Adam.A.S) 
  2. Swallow(Ababeel)   ( Surat Al-Feel.  In the story of Elephants)
  3. Hud (Hoopoe) (Surat AL-Namal. In the story of Hazra Suleman A.S)

Day4. Story telling

This was the day we started our story session.
We Started our 1st story that was the Story of Hz Adam A.S. Children are listening to these stories almost from the lap, so I tried to involve them in these stories. some important points and the morals of the stories were discussed in our storytelling session. Our focus was on the bird mentioned in That story to keep them interested in this story.

Day5. Facts of the Bird of each story.

 Facts of that bird. Then we entered into the world of those birds and watched some videos about the facts of that bird. Children were happy because they got new information about the birds.

Day 6.Crafts and creativity.

Now children have much knowledge and information. So in the end, some creative work and craftwork was done. video of easy nest craft is added now down.
You can also do it. If someone is much interest to get a collection of Ayats about birds and animals then leave a comment.
Soon I will publish the stories and individual work on every story and bird.
Now it’s your turn to let me know how much are you interested in getting my next story in the Quran with creative work and 
Please leave a comment if I forget to add something.
Also, see my other creative/crafts work on the Lifecycle of birds
Recommended Books for the Quran stories.
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