As a mom of three and a teacher, I’m feeling happy to share my experience of start of  early childhood education program which was a great and this method worked for my children.


early childhood education program.

When a parent blessed with a baby they also bless with love, care and worry about a child, A child gets all the emotional, physical and social needs from his parent.
Parents do their best to raise the child as a successful and complete person.
Education would be their first priority when a child grows and of course, everyone tries to do their best to fulfil this duty.
But dear parents/ guardians if you are accepting the responsibility to educate your child and decided do it pre-schooling yourself at home. You must have to know that an early childhood education program is such a big and challenging task. Teaching and transforming knowledge with perfect method and  educate your child like a complete personality is not as much easy task as everyone could do it. It is a very sensitive department. And it also needs a proper guide and full training.

As Parents spend much time closer to their child so they already know the nature of their child very well. That’s why with a proper guideline and a little training about early childhood education programs, they could get a high level of good performance.

Here I will go through intro how to start an early childhood education program at home.
There are three basic learning resources in this age.

Learning Methods

  1. The child will learn what he/she will listen to.
  2. The child will learn and do what he/she will Watch or experience.
  3. The child will learn with little speaking/conversation and exploring different things.
    early childhood education programm

early childhood education programm
Using these three resources we try to get connect our child towards learning. We will start from things of their interest. Some kids listen more and others would have exploring and curious nature. So If child would like to listen and talk more, We would need video resources, story books and more time to talk with them.

But for curios children this method is best thing of interest.

What to teach?
Here is a list of things we have to teach in this age.

early childhood education programm

  • Colours,
  • Sizes
  • Shapes and faces.
  • Nature and seasons.
  • Near and far.
  • Right and left sides. 
  • Count and numbers.
  • motor skills
  • Basic Alphabets and their sounds(phonics)
  • Good and bad emotions and behaviours.
  • Our ethics and values through stories.
  • Poems/games and outdoor fun.

early childhood education programm

How to teach?

All you need to do is Understand the mood and nature of your child. Then use a good tone of voice and an interesting way of communication with your child. From a young age of 3 to 7, every child is a self-learner. So you should be here to support him in learning and providing him/her with good resources to learn, not to stop them from self-learning and following your footsteps. Being a tricky person all you need to do is say yes when they want to ask you some thing. Be there with them to give answers. Nature is full of learning resources . Don’t miss any opportunity to teach them about things, sizes, colours explore world.

My Personal experience of Teaching

My kids always learned much in a playground or park but also in the kitchen, drawing room and even in the washroom. Yes in the wash room the goes into a different world.
So,  I taught colours to them using fresh fruits and vegetable. I had used my fingers, clothes of My Husband and children to teach them sizes.
Same like that they counted the beans in the kitchen and flowers in the Garden and Birds in the air and doors of the room which also kept them busy for a long hour.
Now I will give you some tips to make and use free resources.

Tips to make free resources

  • You can draw big flower and ask them to count petals and colour. Than ask them to write numbers or trace for them to write.
  • You can make origami boats, fish, aeroplanes, photo frames and many other things of different shapes, sizes, colours. This will also help them to name colours, and learn sizes. 
  • Use a paper/cardboard to make puzzel cards again of different colours and sizes so that child can match colours, sizes Numbers and pattern.
  • Water bottles/lids, popsicle sticks, disposable cups also help them to Learn.
  • Give you child some newspapers and a child friendly scissor and ask them to cut just fruits or flowers or favourite foods and past on a paper. This will help them in motor skills increase their memory. They would also be able to understand difference between different things.
  • Play dough is Big source of teaching for me. I had used it in many ways and still I’m using it.

(You can see photos down or watch videos at my channel)

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I believe If the child is well prepared for formal education then, believe me, He will never stop to learn whether he/she will be a home schooler or school going, child.

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Play dough, Numbers and lids can be used for this.
Draw and color
Card paper puzzels.
Shapes drawing
Shapes Made of Ice-cream container lids
Paper fishes ,shapes, flowers and envelops to teach sizes
Play dough balls to teach sizes and colors
Play dough motor skills
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