”A Gentle Reminder” is a story about Quraish and their polytheisms. In this story Islamic and Arab perspectives have been highlighted.

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Story Islamic: A gentle reminder

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Mecca, there lived a powerful and influential tribe known as Quraish. They were the custodians of the Kaaba, the sacred house of worship that attracted countless pilgrims from far and wide

The Quraish revealed their status and wealth, but their hearts were veiled by the darkness of idol worship.

During this time, Muhammad SAW emerged from the depths of the Quraish tribe. Muhammad SAW was known for his wisdom, honesty, and deep spirituality. He often sought solace in the mountains surrounding Mecca, pondering the universe and its Creator.

At the time of the revelation of Surah Quraish, the Prophet Muhammad had begun preaching the message of Islam, calling the people to abandon idol worship and embrace monotheism.

The Quraish, however, were deeply entrenched in their polytheistic beliefs and were resistant to change. They viewed the Prophet’s message as a threat to their power and the traditions they held dear.

The revelation of Surah Quraish was a gentle reminder to the Quraish of the blessings they enjoyed and the security they experienced in their trade journeys.

They had special respect all over Arab due to Kabbah. They were traveling to Al Shaam in summer and to Yemen in winter. They were saved from robbers on the way.

It highlighted the fact that it was God, the Lord of the House (referring to the Kaaba), who had protected them and provided for their needs. The Surah invited them to reflect on these blessings and to worship the One true God in gratitude.

Over time, the message of Islam spread throughout Mecca, and the Quraish tribe witnessed the truth and beauty of monotheism. Many of its members embraced Islam, transforming the once-polytheistic city into a center of devotion and righteousness.

And so, the story of Surah Quraish stands as a testament to the transformative power of divine revelation. It serves as a reminder that true blessings, security, and prosperity lie in recognizing the Creator and submitting to His guidance.

The Surah brought light to the hearts of the Quraish, leading them from darkness to enlightenment, and paving the way for a new era of faith in Mecca.

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