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Let’s start with the hadith and the story of the day. Hadith is selected from Jamia Al-Tirmidhi 2929.

Introduction of hadith about dua


Assalam u Alaikum my dear kids!
I hope all of you are good by the grace of Allah and learned and acted upon our first hadith.
Now it’s time to learn another beautiful hadith with an interesting story.

So it’s our second hadith today.
The topic of today’s hadith is ‘dua’(prayer) and the story revolves around three men in the cave. The hadith (along with the translation) is as below:
The code for this hadith is Jamia Al-tirmizi 2929.
حوالہ حدیث :جامعہ ترمزی2929

Dear kids, in this hadith, our holy Prophet (PBUH) described that the act of making dua is just like an Ibada(worship). When we make a dua and pray to Allah to help us, we not only get our prayer fulfilled but we also get the ajer (reward) for a good deed.
We are always in need of Allah’s help. Allah has granted us countless blessings without us asking Him for them. But in spite of that, we are always in need of Allah’s help – when we are sick, in trouble or when we need special wishes to be fulfilled.
So we should learn how to pray to Allah.

Story-Three men in the Cave

three men in the cave

Once, three people set out on a
journey. They were overtaken by a
storm so they had to find refuge in
a small cave situated on a
mountain. Soon a big rock fell at
the mouth of the cave and blocked
their exit.

They became very worried.
They tried to move the stone but to
no avail.
One of them said to the others,
“Look at the good deeds that you
performed for the sake of Allah and then supplicate to Allah, the
Exalted, that He might rescue you
(from this trouble).”

One of them said, “O Allah, I used
to look after my aging parents, my
wife and my small children. I used
to tend to my flock all day. When I
returned home in the evenings, I
used to milk them (the sheep,
goats, cows, etc.) and first serve
that milk to my parents.

One day, I
had to go to a distant place in
search of fodder. I could not come
back before evening and found
them(my parents) asleep. I milked the animals as I used to do every
night and brought that milk to my

I kept standing by their
head quietly so as not to disturb
them and I did not deem it
appropriate to give that milk to my
children before serving my

My children wept near my
feet. I remained there in that very
state and my parents too until it
was morning.

O, Allah! if Thou art
aware that I did this in order to
seek Thine pleasure, grant us
riddance from this trouble. The rock moved a bit so that they could
see the sky.

The second one said, “O Allah, I
had a female cousin whom I
wanted to marry. She refused
to state the reason as my inability
to give her one hundred dinars.

was with great difficulty that I could
collect one hundred dinars. One
day, I went to her house and
forced her to marry me.
She said,

‘O Servant of Allah, fear
Allah and do not break the seal (of
chastity) but by lawful means.’

So I left her and came back. You know I did it just for You, O
Allah, and because of Your fear. If
you liked this act of mine, please
ease our trouble and move this big
The big stone moved a little more
and an opening was created. But
there was still not enough space
for them to get out.
The third one said,

“O Allah, I
employed a workman for a
measure of rice. After he had
finished his work, I gave him his
dues (in the form of) a measure of rice, but he did not accept it.

I used
those rice as seeds, and those
seeds gave a bumper crop due to
which I became rich enough to
have cows and flocks in my

Later, that employee
came to me and said, ‘Fear Allah,
and commit no cruelty upon me in
regarding my dues.’ I said to him,
“Takeaway this flock of cows and
sheep.” He said: ‘Fear Allah and
do not make fun of me.’ I said, “I
i am not making fun of you. You
take the cows and the flocks.”

He took them. “Oh Allah, if Thou art aware that I did it for Thine
pleasure, ease the situation for us.
And Allah relieved them. The big
stone moved more and then it
slipped away from the mouth of the

Now the door of the cave
was opened and they got out.
This is how their good deeds and
making dua in such a good way
relieved them from big trouble.

So dear children, here is a lesson
for us that we should always try to
make sincere prayers. Allah will
fulfill our prayers if we remember our good deeds and ask for help from
The best times to make dua are
after Azaan, Farz Prayer, when it’s
raining, and when someone is sick.
Now, write down this beautiful
hadith and remember it. Don’t
forget to share it with your
grandparents and friends.

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