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Hadith No 21  (Alhamdolilah) 

A story about the Importance of Salah

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My dear students

Our today’s topic of hadith is ”The importance of Salah

Today’s Hadith is Jamia Al-Tirmidhi Hadith no 4 on Salah

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My dear students, Salah is the second pillar of Islam and it is Farz. We can’t leave it in any condition. Because we will be asked about this. And if we will miss some or many prayers, Allah will not be happy. Salah is our Jannah, because it protects us from many other sins. I will tell you a story in which you will learn how shaytan tries to keep us away from Slat. 

Once there was an old man. He was very poise and a true believer in Allah. Because of his Ibadah, Good character, and helpful nature, he became a good friend of Allah and Allah protected him from the Shetan. In the start, Shaytan was not happy with him. And later he became his worst enemy. Shaytan tried his best to indulge him in any sin but failed. He came to him with many tricks. He tried to mislead him many times but failed. Shaytan was not happy. There was a feeling of heartburn in satan

 ‘This old man would go into Jannah? No no never

He made a final decision that he will not let this old man offer prayers. I will snatch his key to Jannah. I have to stop this man from offering prayer. Hooon ….. because his Salah is protecting him from me.

So he thought of a very powerful trick and he decided what to do to keep that old man away from Salaah. 

One Day, He comes to the old man in the face from an angle. He praised the old man. He said to him that Allah is very happy with him. And Allah sent me to you to give you news of Jannah. The old man was happy and asked again if it is true.

 He (the devil) Said ‘ yes, this is true because you are very kind to others and you are serving humanity. Your good deeds raised your status in the eye of Allah

Allah Also appointed me to tell you that you are a true believer. Allah is happy with you. Your struggle to help people and offer prayer on time was a trial and you succeeded in it. So Allah says that now you are free to fulfill your rights. You don’t need to offer prayers. Instead, you should spend more time helping my people. The old man was not happy with this. He remains silent. His heart was not ready to believe in it. Then He thought something and stood up saying,

Aouzo billahhe minashaitan nirajeem.

And shouted  ‘

 get away from here you Mardood Shaytan.

 You are here to mislead me. It was you who denied the fulfilling order of Allah and did not prostrate. You are a big enemy of humans. . Allah had never said to his prophets to leave any prayer ever, then how would give me permission to do this?

Shaytan was frightened and ran away. Finally, He was defeated. He never tried to come to this old man again. Now Allah SWT was happier with this old man. He increased BARAKAH in the health and time of this old man. 

May Allah protect us from shytan.

My dear students here is a good lesson for us, every time when we intend to do Wudu and offer our Salah, shytan doesn’t let but his Salah was protecting him from shaytan. us to do this. He creates many hurdles. Some time gets late to reach our Salah on time. But we don’t have to give up. Instead, we should be steady in our actions. 

Because Our Salah is our key to JANNAH.

Now Do write this hadith in your Hadith book.

And make a beautiful Prayer checklist.

Share the story of this hadith with your grandparents, friends, and people around you. 

And don’t forget to send me your videos and activities about this hadith and story. ( comment )


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