This is Monday morning and I’m sitting in front of my laptop after dropping my kids at the school. I’m in the condition where I’m forced to think that if a bundle of worksheets and written homework on the weekends are like a child labour in the schools.

Worksheets or child labor

Don’t mind if you are doing this as a teacher or parent of a home-schooled I’m explaining here why I’m thinking in this way. He returned from school with 9 worksheets and one notebook to be written on weekend.

Worksheets or child labor

After Friday prayer they reached home and after some snacks, it was evening(about 1.5 hr left to be night)  and asked them to go outside for some week relaxation and friends gathering. As I also feel a little freedom of no work like all working days. So all the homework was pending for the next two off days.
At morning after breakfast, all the friends of them were waiting outside so they went and Done many healthy activities and enjoyed much. Noon was the time to study and in the evening they left for the mosque. And Sunday morning again Was the time to play outside as Baba was also at home, they played more than Saturday.
When at the study time they sit to do homework younger one who is in the grade one told me, ‘mom I have many worksheets to be done today’.

Worksheets or child laborWorksheets or child labor

As already prepared children and sharp kids in writing and reading with other activities, my two kids do all of their homework themselves. I just sit for a little time for check and balance. I was shocked with that a lot of worksheets.
When Baba told them that they are going to the Fun park, for him it was a time to write more faster. But for so young child of grade one, it was impossible to write all those in one sitting with having an excitement of going outside. So some were done and later after taking bath and eating food they were out And returned much tired. They went to sleep and Sunday ended up. He could not complete all the work.
And in this weekend routine, I didn’t mention another thing like reading of Quran, and religious oral activities I used to teach them at home.
So it was Monday morning he woke up at 6, wrote all three worksheets and one notebook in about 35 minutes and then ready for school. Got a big thumbs up from Baba and mama for achieving the goal. 

Worksheets or child laborworksheets, Child labor

It was a good experience for him and me as well.
But I’m in the feel of a little guilt. 
As a mother, a teacher and as a writer, I feel it is another kind of child labour.
I think children should have no work to write for weekends. As they are writing for whole 5 working days at school and in the home as well. Weekend means weekend. It should be just for fun, doing oral and practical activities, to spend more time with family and friends, watching some educational and children fun videos, and outdoor games. My boy was ambitious, keen and prepared but what about the other kids who just started to grip a pencil and just started writing.
I want to hear from all of you,

  • Do you agree with me that a lot of writing work and worksheets are like child labour?
  • Do you also think weekends should be weekends for other activities not for writing and boring study schedule?
  • Do you think children learn more with playing, group activities, the family gets to gathers and fun activities?
  • Do you also think writing and reading is the best way to teach kids?
  • Are you agree with me, reading and writing could prepare kids just for sitting in front of desks, instead of giving life skills.
Leave your comments about the good or bad experience about worksheets. It’s a time to give a big no to child labour in the study.
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