Today my topic is transportation crafts my kids were most excited to make.
Kids are always curious and love to think and ask about things around them. Parenting means to fulfill all needs of children and in homeschooling kids miss school activities but could find more chances to learn and do creative things.

Today work on modern vehicles we use to travel.It’s a huge transportation topic and kids especially boys love to make or buy and play with cars trucks and construction vehicles. And at the same time, they also enjoy making roads, bridges, road slides and much more things. For that, we have made these Two simple transportation crafts. One is of elder one and the second one was made by the second one.They covered all four big modern ways of transportation. 
We will discuss 4 modern ways of transportation which are 
  • By Roads
  • By Trains
  • By Sea
  • And by air

Things we had used are

  1. Thermacol board for making ground
  2. Papers to make origami vehicles
  3. Water colors
  4. UHU to the past

As for to travel by road, we use motor bikes, cars, buses trucks to travel fast.Bicycles are also being used to travel a short distance or as a hobby…. In this craft, we had made Road goes in the middle of the model with near by parking.And use any vehicle kids already have or made own with an empty box or thermal board and color it.

Second travel vehicle is Train and for that here is a train line going along with the road with a train. It looks so green area with small hills. Trains normally used to long travels from one city to another. 
Third transportation vehicle is shipped to long travels from one country to another and small boats for domestic travels and for fun travel. For that in this transportation crafts here is one origami boat with a colored scene of the sea.
And in the last to travel by air, we had made an origami airplane with a huge airport building and a vast parking. 
Transportation craftsTransportation craftsTransportation crafts
Transportation crafts
Transportation crafts

Transportation crafts

And as for the Second younger boy, he made it easier. It’s so small and cute with bright colors and full info about transportation.
Transportation crafts

And this last one is already in our bridges and engineering crafts. I’m adding it here we had discussed it in four ways of travel in transportation crafts.

Transportation carfts
I love The first transportation crafts because it has a full story inside it. To me it looks like, here is an airport where a plane is waiting for passengers, who are traveling fastly to come here by roads and trains and some others will land soon at the seaport and will pick any other vehicle to go to the airport.Am I right? share your feelings if you also things so, or if your imaginations also made any story with this transportations crafts.If you will like to teach you kids about transportation, which method will you use?my comment box is waiting to listen from you.
Adiba Anwar

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